15 ways included.co supported coworking in 2018

At included.co we believe in the immense impact that coworking communities make every single day. These communities not only provide a physical space to work from, but also the emotional, business and peer support that has enabled entrepreneurship to grow across 1000s of cities, towns and rural villages.

This is why we support coworking communities, by enabling them to drastically reduce the business costs for their members and in turn multiply the business value of their memberships.

In 2018, our 4th year online, we implemented, enabled or supported the following 15 new features, projects and strategies to further support coworking movements around the world.

New Features Added To The Platform:

We’ll start close to home first. Over the year we invested heavily into further protecting the privacy, sanity and quality of benefits for the members and operators of coworking communities who leverage our technology.

1) ? included inbox  was added to prevent spam, by protecting email addresses across the ecosystem. Tweet

2) ? A Full Transparency Report   was published, sharing EXACTLY how personal data is shared when members claim perks. Tweet

3) ? Perk Ratings were added so that we can ensure that coworking members still love their Member Benefits. Tweet

4) ? Vendor Recommendations  were added so members can invite their favourite providers to share offers. Tweet

5) ✊ included for Alliances  programme is supporting Coworking Alliances across 3 continents. Tweet

Global External Projects Supported:

But with so many amazing people doing amazing things, we wanted to throw our support behind a few external projects too. Throughout 2018 we invested into 7 external projects that empower, enable or otherwise support coworking communities around the world.

6) ? coworking.jobs  - continued investing into matching great talent with inspiring spaces, for free. Tweet

7) ? OuiShare Radio  - support their platform to host podcasts discussing changes in work, freelancing and coworking. Tweet

8) ? Freelancers Who Cowork  - launched the campaign to promote freelancers who pick coworking worldwide. Tweet

9) ?? European Freelancers Week ’18  - supported their platform to facilitate hosting freelancer events in coworking spaces. Tweet

10) ✊ European Coworking Assembly  - support the tech enabling a pan-European assembly of coworking spaces. Tweet

11) ? Coworking Library – implemented the tech to power the global, free, inter-disciplinary database of coworking research. Tweet

12) ?‍? Women Who Cowork  -  dedicated resources to supporting the network that celebrates & connects women-led coworking communities. Tweet

We also have a few more of these projects in the works, so definitely keep an eye on our twitter account for the latest and greatest updates.

Launching the invisibleAPI & Going Invisible:

We’ve always known that the brand equity for enabling entrepreneurship should got to the coworking spaces’ and so one of our priorities is to make integrations with their existing software as seamless and ‘brandable’ as possible. In July, we officially announced our plan to Go Invisible’ by 2020.

13) ? In August, Nexudus launched their beta invisibleAPI Integration. Tweet

14) ? In September, Satellite Deskworks launched their beta Integration. Tweet

15) ? In December, OfficeRND launched an embeddable Integration. Tweet

With a few more integrations being built and tested right now, we can’t wait to see how more of the best ‘coworktech’ platforms enable an easy integration to offer great  Member Benefits within their member portals.

We look forward to watching how coworking will change our world even more in 2019!

If you’re involved with enabling coworking, do say hi or ping us a tweet, we love connecting with other enthusiasts, operators and supporters.


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