Insurance for Shared and Coworking Spaces

Fair and affordable cover for both coworking members and operators.

Our job, here at, is to constantly negotiate for transparent and affordable solutions for the members and operators of 778 (and counting) coworking, freelancer and multi-business communities worldwide.

One of the most popular solutions we were tasked with sourcing, was to fix the ridiculous way business insurance wasn’t working for businesses based in, or running, coworking spaces.

Initially insurers shied away from these communities, fearing that it left them too exposed. They then dived in with half-baked policies that totally missed the point of how coworking communities really worked, sometimes even requiring that laptops be bolted down whilst you ran to the loo, in order for it to be covered.

Back in 2014, we began working with a small business insurance broker in the UK who ‘got it’ and understood the importance of coworking and shared spaces in our modern economy.

Since then we’ve helped many members and community operators across the global network get covered.

We now work with numerous insurance partners to provide flexible coverage packages that make sense for as many coworking members and operators as possible, regardless of the size of their operations or the city in which they’re located.

The terms we’ve made sure are included in each of the packages:

  • Covering devices like PC towers, screens and iMacs that get left overnight.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance (includes cyber and data protection)
  • No long-term tie in, with monthly PAYG option, with no cancellation fee.

Whilst the following options can be usually be bolted on as optional add-ons to the packages:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Cyber Emergency Response (Breach Response)
  • Business Interruption
  • Legal Expenses
  • Directors & Officers

Simply request a free estimate and our closest insurance partner will contact you promptly, making sure you get a package that makes sense for you and your business.

Done-for-you Setup

Let us get your perks setup for you.

Get started even faster. Let us know what perks or deals you currently offer, what integration you’d like and leave the rest to us.

Perfect for getting migrated, setup and integrated without a sweat.

Custom Styling

Pixel-perfect custom widget styling.

Make your perks program more you, with custom styling and brand-matching.

Perfect for bringing member perks more tightly into your value prop.

Hyperlocal Perks

Connect Members To Exclusive Deals

Add exclusive deals available to just your members into the included Perks widgets and platform.

Perfect for promoting partners or neighbourhood businesses via perks.


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