On our mission to support 1,000,000+ businesses around the world.

Published: 1 October 2018. Follow @includedco on twitter for all the latest news.

4 years ago we went live with our mission to empower, connected and support over 1 million entrepreneurial enterprises across the globe.

We knew that the most sustainable and impactful method to reach this goal was by partnering with (and adding value through) entrepreneurial communities like coworking spaces, flexible workspace providers, and freelance communities in every single city we could.

We were very lucky to start out with a handful of partner communities who believed in our global vision of 1,000s of communities working collaboratively to empower their members’ businesses. And thanks to them, and you, we have been able to build a global entrepreneurship-enabling network from there.

Today, on our fourth birthday, we look at some of our favourite achievements and collaborations of the past, and then look into the future at what comes next as the flexible workspace movement matures.

Some highlights of the journey so far.

We’ve been extremely lucky to be involved with so many great events, projects and campaigns, but these are some of the highlights we’re super proud of so far:

And a look into where we’re going.

Looking ahead at the next 4 years, we’re super excited about the work we’ll be doing to support and empower entrepreneurship across the globe.

  • Not only will we continue to shrink the procurement time and costs of great business services, but we look forward to helping great business deliver their solutions into even more territories through increasingly interconnected and collaborative partner communities.
  • Even more resources will be invested into 3rd party integrations and on securing unprecedented local and global deals for you and your members.
  • Our internal pro-bono programme will also be extended to support even more community-focussed projects with marketing, technical and strategic resources.
  • We will soon be hiring some brilliant and inspiring people who will help us deliver even more power to the fingertips of decision makers across the network by leveraging our powerful plans of integrating machine learning and blockchain technology.

So if you’re passionate about coworking, entrepreneurship and the future of B2B business procurement; we’d love to chat via email, twitter or in person at any of the great events we’ve been invited to speak at in the coming months.

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