Helping The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network boost the support their programmes offer

  • Since November 2017 we’ve been actively supporting The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN), giving their existing and future cohorts of aspirational entrepreneurs even more support and shared-buying power.

    Since 2016, TERN have supported 24 refugees with aspirations of starting their own businesses. In July 2017, their successful crowdfunding campaign paved the way to begin enabling another 60 entrepreneurial refugees through two new incubation programmes.

    TERN’s programmes provide each cohort of entrepreneurs with expert advice, mentorship and access to both business networks and investment opportunities.

    Cost-reduction through shared-buying power.

    Through these 84 entrepreneurs will be able to unlock savings on business solutions via TERN Connect.

    By leveraging the collective guying-power of over 200 communities, these growing business will now also save time and money on solutions ranging from insurance, to marketing, printing, creative and professional solutions.

    Workspace & community sourcing.

    Whilst TERN is actually a member of one of our partner communities in London, their supported businesses may not have the means to join a partner community just yet.

    But when and as they are, we’ll be available to make sure that they can continue to grow from within the inclusive coworking communities we work with, who are dedicated to support, empower and enrich both their business and personal lives.

    A massive thank you to the TERN team for the awesome work you do, and for letting us help you help these awesome entrepreneurs.

  • As we look to build more inclusive and effective entrepreneurial markets for refugees, we are thrilled to be partnering with to give our community access to a huge range of discounted business solutions.

    For us, it is a crucial step in creating an equal platform from which refugee enterprise can operate.

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