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Mental health programs to strengthen value of coworking spaces.

More than half of Americans report that COVID-19 is harming their mental health. In last week’s Coworking Convo, Laura Shook Guzman (who is a trauma therapist, workspace wellness consultant, founder of Soma Vida and co-founder of WomenWhoCowork) shared her insights around the importance of preparing mental health and workspace wellness programs.  Laura

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What is #CoworkingCodeOfConduct all about?

If you’re connected to the coworking sector and any social media network, you’ll have seen posts around the #CoworkingCodeOfConduct from event organizers, conference supporters and both coworking alliances and space operators. This blog post runs over what it’s all about, and why we feel it’s

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Why, and how, we’re supporting

Since the earliest days of coworking, a growing number of inspiring women have lead their spaces, ecosystems and the movement. These amazing humans have devoted thousands and thousands of collective work days into enabling entrepreneurship on every continent, and so it should be no surprise

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Of course is at this coworking conference!

Over the last 4 years has grown from an audacious idea, into a global ecosystem of entrepreneurial and workspace communities working together behind-the-scenes to push down prices, unlock new opportunities and make entrepreneurship even more accessible. Each year, there are hundreds of inspiring events

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More support for freelancers in coworking spaces.

A new project called has just been quietly launched to celebrate the 100s of 1000s of freelancers who choose coworking spaces as the base of their business operations. I put some of my personal reasons to do so out on a post on Medium,

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And now… inter-community business Q&As

Last month we launched solution ratings and recommendations, so that members of coworking spaces could very rapidly share knowledge across a network of almost 300 entrepreneurial communities. By helping passionate people make efficient decisions about business solutions, 1000s of businesses can return focus back onto

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