• Integrate member benefits into your community platforms.

    Increase stickiness, revenue & business value.

  • Introducing our invisibleAPIbeta

    Best-in-class solutions, at bulk-buying prices, available from right inside your own community platform.

    The included.co API is designed to not only reduce the number of platforms that members and operators of entrepreneurial communities have to interact with, but also to give our Platform Partners a number of new super powers.


    • Increased stickiness for members and operators who come back for new savings.
    • Shared buying-power of 778+ communities, working for you and your customers behind the scenes.
    • New revenue channel for you and community operators, 10x-ing your value proposition.
    • Promotion as an integrated solution*, to community operators seeking software solutions.

    Apply to join the Platform Partner programme today and let’s schedule a call to chat.

    *Competing Platform Partners will not be promoted in each others’ platforms. Obviously.

  • Apply to the Platform Partner programme.

    invisiAble: Beta Application
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Join the world’s best platforms in enriching memberships.

Wondering why included.co is going ‘invisible’?

We’ve been connecting both members and operators of entrepreneurial communities to business solutions for over 4 years now.

Often, it takes great people, insight, empathy, understanding and technology to not only run an entrepreneurial community. Even more so to truly support it’s members as they grow and jump through the rings-of-fire and into the abyss that is entrepreneurship.

Many community operators are looking for technology to help coordinate and engage their community members, regardless of whether they’re a community-run shared workspace, a fast growing coworking chain, a serviced office or something inbetween or totally unique.

They do however, have a massive problem with there being way too many platforms with individual use-cases. This means that getting their members to actively engage across these platforms is almost always an uphill battle.

It also seems to water down the brand of the community, having to change between so many platforms and risk having their message diluted and morphed each time it’s reshared across a new interface.

And so, we’re taking a step off stage. In doing so, we believe we’ll let the entrepreneurial communities’ brands shine through, whilst giving you the tools to make your platforms more valuable, sticky and increasingly profitable.

Done-for-you Setup

Let us get your perks setup for you.

Get started even faster. Let us know what perks or deals you currently offer, what integration you’d like and leave the rest to us.

Perfect for getting migrated, setup and integrated without a sweat.

Custom Styling

Pixel-perfect custom widget styling.

Make your perks program more you, with custom styling and brand-matching.

Perfect for bringing member perks more tightly into your value prop.

Hyperlocal Perks

Connect Members To Exclusive Deals

Add exclusive deals available to just your members into the included Perks widgets and platform.

Perfect for promoting partners or neighbourhood businesses via perks.


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