Add enhanced member perks into Nexudus’ new portal

New instructions for Nexudus’ new member portal and admin interfaces.

How to setup’s Advanced Coworking Perks widget both inside and outside your Nexudus member portal.

Step 1. Log into your Nexudus admin panel, and go to ‘Settings‘.

If you’re using the brand new admin dashboard, click ‘Show advanced settings‘ and then click ‘Web templates editor‘.

If you’re using the older admin dashboard, click ‘Website‘ and then ‘Templates‘ and then ‘Open template files‘.


Step 2. Create a custom page with name ‘included.jsx‘ for the perks page.

New admin dashboard: Under ‘Pages & components‘ click ‘+ Add file‘. Then move to step 3.

Older admin dashboard: Under ‘Custom pages‘ click ‘+ Add new custom page‘.  Save the page, then click back on the new page and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Log in or register your community to access the copy-paste code generator.

What this will do is add a fully-interactive perks program to the new page you created.

Your logged in members will see a perks, and visitors will be able to browse a ‘teaser’ inviting them to join your space to unlock perks or deals 🙂

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