Coworking Secret Santa

(Or a ‘secret gift exchange’ if you believe Santa doesn’t exist.)

After a successful exchange in 2016, let’s spread even more joy across 235 coworking spaces this holiday season.

  • Although not strictly a ‘saving’, this is just something a little bit fun we’re putting together.

    Here’s how this will work:

    1. ‘Unlock this offer’ if you’re interested in getting involved.
    2. Complete your personal profile, so your match can know a little bit more about you.
    3. Share with your coworkers.
    4. We’ll match you up with someone else by the 4th of December (Don’t tell them though, it’s a secret!)
    5. Get them something cute/fun/pretty that costs less than £7, €7 or $7, possibly for their desk.
    6. We’ll coordinate with your community manager to set up a top-secret drop site, to keep things exciting.
    7. At a specific date, gifts are opened and joy is shared.

    Any questions? Ping us @includedco on Twitter.

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What the hark is

  • pools demand & buying-power across 235 shared workspaces to help growing businesses discover affordable solutions and opportunities.

    Postage info: If we get enough members of your coworking space, we’ll connect you to each other, but if not we’ll try connect you to someone nearby to keep the postage/delivery costs down.