2018 Coworking Gift Exchange

(Also known as ‘Secret Santa’ in some countries.)

Join in and send an inexpensive gift to another coworking space member or operator this December.

  • Registrations for 2018 close 23:59 GMT 25 November.


    The annual global coworking gift exchange is back for it’s third year. And you can get involved from today.

    Here’s how this works:

    Once you’re a part of the exchange, we’ll match you to another member or workspace operator who’s taking part.

    You send something cute (costing no more than €7/$7/£7) to your match, and get a gift from another member who got matched to you.

    To get involved, just ‘unlock this offer’ and our little elves will take it from there.

    Any questions? Ping us @includedco on Twitter.


    En 2016 & 2017, cet échange de cadeaux a eu lieu dans le monde entier!

    Cette année, partageons encore plus de sourires !

    Voici comment ça marche:

    1. « Débloquez cette offre » si vous souhaitez participer.
    2. Partagez le lien included.co/secretsanta avec vos coworkers.
    3. Nous vous attribuerons le nom d’un autre participant début décembre (Attention! Ne leur dites pas, c’est un secret)
    4. Offrez leur quelque chose de mignon/rigolo/joli, qui coûte moins de £7, €7 ou $7, par exemple pour leur bureau.
    5.  Tous ceux qui envoie un cadeau, reçoivent aussi un cadeau.

    Des questions? Contactez nous à @includedco sur Twitter.

    (Massive thanks to the folks at Entrelac for the translation!)


    Want to help us share more smiles in your own mother-tongue?

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    Alternatively, if your community isn’t included yet you can still get involved by selecting included Ambassadors as your community. You will however need to share your coworking space address with us via chat/email, which will be shared with your Secret Santa.

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