Supporting OuiShare Radio’s mission, from within.

We know we’ve been fairly quiet on the blog and social media channels since we shared our 2017 summary, but this has been for a good reason.

Whilst we work tirelessly on making sure that every single member of our partner communities can access the best business solutions at ‘bulk-buying’ prices; we’ve also been working on some great partnerships that support and connect more of the sharing economy world.

Today, we get to announce that we’re proudly supporting OuiShare Radio and will be pumping more tech goodness into their website.

The project is run by Martha, Elena, Bernie and Trevor as a part of OuiShare (a global community empowering citizens, public institutions and companies to build a society based on openness, collaboration and sharing) and is designed to create and/or host podcast series that are both entertaining and insightful.

Not only do they host great existing series like Brave New Work and Permanent Beta; but they’ve also got a roster of new content coming in; including a series called “What is OuiShare?” and collaborations with Michel Bauwens from the P2P foundation and Lisa Gansky.

They’re also always sourcing create great audio content to host regarding the changing world in which we all live and work, so definitely subscribe to their email list and follow them via @ouishareradio on Twitter.

You may be wondering wtf our company, that’s so focussed on supporting coworking and entrepreneurial communities, is doing supporting a podcast project.

Put simply, we truly believe that the content created and/or hosted by OuiShare Radio will directly support both the operators and members of the communities we exist to enrich.

As an example, just listen in to their newest series ‘Ouishare Write Club‘ (alongside the awesome Cat Johnson) to see the kind of value-adding content they’re working on.

So pop over, listen in and subscribe for updates on

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