A workload-shrinking trick designed especially for you, coworking superheroes.

I’m constantly impressed, inspired and amazed by you, the people who manage coworking spaces on a day-to-day basis. Not only are you empathetic, supportive and somehow always full of energy… but you get s**t done! 

Most of what you get done actually goes unnoticed, but it’s all critical to boosting the morale and happiness of your member businesses. Things like making sure the space is clean, safe, and working are obvious; but we know that there’s a whole world of tasks that you get done daily, weekly or every month that bring smiles to the faces in your communities. 

And it is your community. Don’t ever doubt that. You love it, you care for it and you protect it.

Which means that, just like superheroes, you fight every single day to keep the good vibes in, and a LOT of annoyances out. 

And unfortunately there are a tonne of annoyances, from fake-member-visits hoping to sell things in, to scammers/spammers and growth-unicorn-ninjas toting some new super-exclusive perk or other. These annoyances are not only frustrating to deal with, but they collectively add a large strain onto the already exhausting workloads facing you and your team.

It’s no surprise therefor that “General Workload” came in second in the “Top 10 Challenges for Coworking Spaces” in the 2018 Coworking Survey. And with continuous calls, follow-up emails and unsolicited pop-ins becoming increasingly easy to (ab)use against you, “General Workload” as challenge, has gone up 6% from the 2017 results; while “Administrative Tasks” has gone down 4%.

Even though we’ve helped hundreds of community managers provide even more value for their members by silently sourcing and discounting great solutions for their members on-demand; we’ve continued to see how much time is being burned by these baddies who’ve lost their way in the pursuit of conversion rates and monthly recurring revenues.

Over the last year or so, we’ve allowed some of you community operators (who’d already shared this growing frustration with us) to ping a variation of the following email/DM to any/all/every unsolicited inbound ‘seller’, with our inbound team cc’d:

Dear friend, thanks for your interest in supporting our community.

Our team, and our members, source solutions through included.co; who find, vet and then help distribute solutions to over 200 coworking communities worldwide.

I’ve cc’d in the inbound team at included.co and I’d suggest chatting with them about how to get your solution in front of passionate members like ours.

Please remove our address from your mailing-list.

Thanks again,
Batman & Kitty Pryde
Workspace Superheroes 
Totally Inconspicuous Workspace

Since sending out these emails, we’ve not only helped community managers claw back almost ONE HUNDRED hours of work time a year, but we’ve also picked up on some very interesting solutions, made sure the offers were great and their terms were transparent; before presenting them back in a coworking-supporting format for the operators across the network to use more efficiently.

So… superheroes, you keep doing the great work you’re doing, and let us be your faithful, loyal and hardworking sidekicks.

We’d proudly to be the Robin to your Batman and the Lockheed to your Kitty Pryde, because every single thing we do is to enable and empower entrepreneurial communities like yours.

This workload-shrinking ‘secret weapon’ is free and included for every single partner community. If you haven’t already, join included.co today, it’s free. If you’re already included, ping your local ambassador via online chat to get the inbound team’s email address.

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