Going ‘invisible’ to give self-branded member benefits to every entrepreneurial community.

Over the next few years, we aim to support over a million growing businesses by enabling 1000s of entrepreneurial communities to further increase the value, impact and sustainability of their memberships.

We know that these communities have worked hard on building their brands, on earning their customers’ trust, and on implementing technology that makes day-to-day operations easier.

This is why we’re making our platform even more accessible through a little bit of clever, and increasingly invisible, technology.

With a little bit of coding magic, communities will no longer have to ‘share the spotlight‘ with us in order to be able to access the full power of included.co’s buying services; our long-tailed revenue sharing; our powerful business solution discovery engine; and the global distribution network for their members’ own solutions.

For fellow-geeks, this means we’re finally releasing our long-awaited included.co API into private beta.


This new invisible service will provide communities with the technology to rapidly install a self-branded trove of member benefits, perks and offers within their own apps, websites or community management systems.

Behind the scenes the solutions will continuously be sourced and vetted by included.co, who will also keep unlocking unprecedented low prices by leveraging the shared buying-power of thousands of members across 300+ communities across the globe.

If you’re a developer of platforms used by entrepreneurs, register for our Platform Partner programme here, otherwise check out the ‘How’ tab for more info on DIY installations.


Using a 3rd party platform?

If your community uses a 3rd party management or membership platform, tell them to take a look at invisibleapi.com, and let us know via @includedco on twitter so we can help get a one-click installation setup for your very own member benefits programme.

Built your own website/app or platform?

Register for the Platform Partnership programme, and one of our devs will work alongside yours to make sure that your members will be able to find, grab, request and offer solutions across the global network from right inside your self-branded community platform.

Want a no-tech approach?

No worries, our free whitelabel platforms (like this example for The Yard in the United States) aren’t going anywhere and will actually also be run through our invisible API and become even more powerful.

Just register or login to your included community profile, and chat with your community success reps via the chat widget on the bottom right.


But WHY?!

Isn’t included.co a brand that all entrepreneurs should know?

All around the world, there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of communities that support, enable and empower entrepreneurship. These communities may sometimes ‘just’ offer a desk and internet at the right time, price and location.

But almost always offer so much more.

Sometimes they offer a peer-network to turn to and lean on.
Sometimes they offer perfectly-timed introductions.
Sometimes they indirectly generate business-saving pieces of work.
Sometimes they offer empathetic and thoughtful education, entertainment, investment or other support programmes that truly empower people to take steps towards building organisations that matter.
And sometimes they even offer the support needed to help people walk away from a plan or project that just isn’t working, dust themselves off and take next steps.

Interest in entrepreneurship is at an all time high across the globe, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

And with that, these communities will become increasingly important for enabling millions more inspired or curious people to improve their lives, their neighbourhoods and their family’s livelihoods.

As our mission is to enable entrepreneurship, the brands of these communities are the ones that really matter.

We’re more than happy to work in the background, knowing our work is adding to the value and sustainability of these communities.


A number of superb platform developers are already working with the private beta.

Be sure to follow @includedco on twitter for updates on when our Platform Partners are ready to announce their integrations.


included.co sources benefits, deals and opportunities in 70 countries.

But by going ‘invisible’, we also get to invest more in our local ambassadorship programmes, meaning we can grow into more regions and dive deeper into local savings/perks more rapidly.

Want to help us launch or grow in your neighbourhood? Get in touch, we love chatting with inspired people.

Cover Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash

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Perfect for bringing member perks more tightly into your value prop.

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Perfect for promoting partners or neighbourhood businesses via perks.


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