How to add included deals into your OfficeRnD Member Area

Earlier this year we released our invisibleAPI and integration programme, in which coworking software vendors could deliver the Member Perks, Deals and Discounts we negotiate for 400+ coworking spaces, right inside their platforms.

OfficeRnD have been long-time friends and supporters of our mission to deliver best-in-class Member Benefits at best-possible prices, and have scheduled development of their invisibleAPI integration for early-Q2 of 2019.

However David Adato, Operations Manager at Downtown Works in San Diego, California, found a clever workaround that allows them (and any workspace using both included and OfficeRnD) to put our great deals in front of their community members from right inside the OfficeRnD Member Area.

Want to add great Member Benefits to your OfficeRnD Member Area? Follow the quick steps below and you’re ready to go in just a few minutes.

Steps to add included Member Benefits into OfficeRND:

  1. Contact support using the chat widget on the bottom right of this page, to get your embeddable website address.
  2. In your OfficeRnD account go to Settings > Apps > Member Pages.
  3. Scroll all the way down and hit add page.
  4. Select the order (where you’d like the Member Benefits link to show in your sidebar menu).
  5. Then add a title, and pick an icon.
  6. Set the type to ‘external page’.
  7. For the Url value paste the embeddable website address you got from support.
  8. Click Save/Update button.

Notes about this integration:

This is a workaround using a beta version of our embeddable integration, so do let us know what you love/hate and if you spot any pesky bugs.

  • The member benefits may take a second to load, it may not load instantly. We’re looking into this.
  • Members will need to ‘opt-in’ to claim deals through the embeddable integration. This is designed to protect your members privacy (and sanity), and will be increasingly more seamless with the evolution of our integrations.
  • Follow @includedco and #invisibleAPI on Twitter to make sure you’re always in-the-loop as we address these issues.

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