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Trying something new: Coworking Content Convos

Today we tried something new. Cat Johnson just hosted the pilot of ‘Coworking Content Convos‘. In the 1 hour call, 20 coworking space managers & operators (not all are in the screenshot) came together to chat about how/if/when to leverage Yelp as a marketing channel for

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3 engaging event ideas for coworking spaces

If you’ve met any of the included team or our awesome ambassadors, you know that every single thing we do is to make coworking spaces even more valuable and impactful for their local entrepreneurs. If you haven’t met any of us, say hi, and let’s

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How to add included deals into your OfficeRnD Member Area

Earlier this year we released our invisibleAPI and integration programme, in which coworking software vendors could deliver the Member Perks, Deals and Discounts we negotiate for 400+ coworking spaces, right inside their platforms. OfficeRnD have been long-time friends and supporters of our mission to deliver

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Tips for “selling into coworking spaces”.

It seems that every sector and city in the world are starting to see the benefits of these entrepreneurial communities. Whilst it’s obviously not for everyone, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 3.8 Million members of coworking communities worldwide. With a

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Survival Guide for Coworking Conferences

Next week we attend our first coworking conference (of probably many, many more). And knowing that we can’t be the first one’s attending such an event for the first time, we called out to friends, partners operators and members of coworking communities around the world

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Been to a coworking conference?

So, we’re finally heading to our very first coworking conference after three years of supporting, connecting, promoting and enriching coworking communities around the world. Although we’re as friendly as can be, the outsider syndrome is strong as we prep for the conference. During a chat

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