How coworking & freelancer communities can boost business value to reduce membership churn.

During these uncertain times, it’s undeniable that there’s a lot of concern, stress and heartbreak from both members and operators around memberships and potential cancellations.


Our advice to community operators has, and always will be, to focus on creating value instead of trying to lock in members. 


Of course, memberships that were more focussed around access to physical workspace, booking meeting rooms or any other in-person value-adds will need to explore taking their offerings virtual and/or offering alumni or virtual-focussed memberships to try and avoid losing these memberships completely over the short-term.


We’re here (virtually ofcourse) to help managers of coworking, freelancer and other workspace communities leverage our perks platform to add business savings and opportunities into their existing and new virtual memberships. 

3 ways you can leverage to help reduce membership churn.

1. Providing your members with business discounts.


At some point over the next week or two, your members will need to get back to work, regardless of where they’re going online from. 


Helping them reduce other costs, could really help them extend their runways and abilities to ride out this storm.


All participating communities get instant access to a growing trove of discounts and deals, negotiated by our team on behalf of hundreds of communities worldwide. 

This crisis hasn’t stopped our team, and we’ve doubled down on sourcing even more virtual and globally-available perks and deals, many of which were requested by participating operators and members.


Availability: All included Core and included Premium partners. Worldwide.

2. Help members promote their own businesses.


With social distancing, shelter in place and the economic ripples being felt across many industries; the need to secure new business will be paramount in the coming weeks. 


Any member of any included participating community can request to promote their business to members of 660+ other communities via a perk or offer. 


The more opportunities you can create for your existing members. the more valuable their memberships become in turn. 


Availability: All included Core and included Premium partners. Worldwide.

3. Reciprocal support of your neighborhoods’ businesses. 

Your neighbors and local favorite spots are also feeling the economic impact of the global economy.

Regardless of your current local government directives, it may still be possible to responsibly connect your members to those businesses in mutually beneficial ways.

Communities can leverage Hyperlocal Perks in a variety of creative ways to both support their members and their local favs.

An impactful example is connecting members to discounted prepaid vouchers or giftcards for local restaurants or businesses that can be used at later dates.

This supports the businesses in the short-term, and rewards your members in the long-term; all whilst boosting your brand and community’s goodwill.

Availability: All included Premium partners. Worldwide.

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

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