Trying something new: Coworking Content Convos

Today we tried something new.

Cat Johnson just hosted the pilot of ‘Coworking Content Convos‘.

In the 1 hour call, 20 coworking space managers & operators (not all are in the screenshot) came together to chat about how/if/when to leverage Yelp as a marketing channel for coworking and flexible/shared workspaces.

No talks, no slides, no training, no sales pitches; just coworking people sharing marketing knowledge and experiences with other coworking people.

We learned about what some folks have tried, tips and tricks they’ve learned and discussed some strategies for coworking spaces to use regarding ads, reviews, and profile data (and what can hurt if you get or do wrong).

Fair to say the beta went well, and the next Convo is already scheduled for Oct 25th on the topic of LinkedIn as a marketing tool for coworking spaces. It’s free to attend, but you do need to register to get the link for the call.

Also thanks to our co-sponsors (CloudVO and Satellite Deskworks) for helping to support new community initiatives like this.

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