3 engaging event ideas for coworking spaces

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If you’ve met any of the included team or our awesome ambassadors, you know that every single thing we do is to make coworking spaces even more valuable and impactful for their local entrepreneurs. If you haven’t met any of us, say hi, and let’s fix that!

A big part of our job is chatting with community managers, answering questions and sharing knowledge. There’s a question that we keep hearing from community managers:

What fun events would bring our community together, but also make our space even more appealing to non-members?

The ‘traditional’ events that come to mind are lunch-and-learns (where a thought leader comes in and shares some valuable guidance or insights over a tasty meal), speed-networking, investor intro events or guest speakers.

These are great and, when done right, can create huge value for startup founders and freelancers.

However as the sector matures (and your members’ businesses grow), more and more of your membership will be made up of non-founders. And so event coordinators should also take this into account.

Here’s some great event ideas we’ve seen, recommended or taken part in across the globe that can engage even more of your internal and surrounding community.

  • 1. Build a meal together.

    Whether it’s baguette sandwiches, or something more warm and elaborate, very few things bring people together better than good food and fun conversation.

    Don’t try too hard here, just come up with some interesting shared meals that can be made together around a large table (and make sure there’s a something for everyone).

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  • 2. Health is the new wealth.

    “Everyone’s going freelance” doesn’t only apply to the corporate or creative worlds. Look around or just outside your community, and you’ll be able to find some amazing freelance yoga instructors, personal trainers, fitness coaches and meditation… erm… gurus(?).

    Bringing healthcare into the workplace is a huge win for everyone.

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  • 3. Pitch-deck Karaoke.

    There’s a few different versions of this game, but the premise is simple:

    Random slides (or pitchdecks from within your space) + a person who’s never seen it before + a microphone + a sense of humour = a hilarious evening/afternoon of ramblings and laughter.

    Pro-tip 1: You can use this random pitchdeck generator to inspire silliness.

    Pro-tip 2: Marketing and founding teams can use this to see if folks can understand/figure out wtf the pitch was supposed to be for if it landed up in front of the right person, without anyone to explain it.

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Got an idea to share? Has something worked well for your community?

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