Full Transparency: What happens to your data when you claim a solution through included.co

We’re big believers in protecting the privacy and sanity of the businesses we serve through our partner communities.

Our business model involves building long-lasting business connections; and the only way to do so is by earning the trust of decision-makers. That’s just one of the reasons we have built in many safe-guards to ensure that we always prioritise customer privacy over short-term profits.

This article looks at exactly what personal data is shared when you claim any solution through included.co

Claiming A Solution

Found a deal or solution you’d like to claim? Awesome!

You’ll be prompted to either login or identify yourself, and which of our 655+ partnered entrepreneurial communities you’re a member of.

An account is then created for you on our system (and stored in our internal database) so that in the future, you can save even more time by logging in when you’d like to grab another Member Benefit.

You’ll also be able to ask any questions via an included Inbox session, without exposing your email address once you’ve claimed a Solution.

‘Notification Of Interest’ emailed.

Just to the vendor who’s solution you’ve shown interest in.

As you can see, only your name (and the name of your community) is ever shared via email outside of the platform.

Should the vendor wish to contact you, then they will need to log back into the encrypted platform.

What that specific vendor sees.

From inside their password-protected included.co account

Once logged in and authenticated, they’re given a bit more detail about your request. If you’ve included your contact number, this is also shared with them at this stage within the platform.

Emails addresses are NOT shared. Instead an included Inbox conversation is started, allowing vendors to contact you (and vice-versa) without exposing either email address.

Still got questions or concerns?

Do let us know, and we’ll extend this report.

You can either email us or start a chat session on the bottom right of this page.

Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

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