Nexudus-powered coworking communities get powerful Member Benefits through invisibleAPI

We recently announced that we’re Going Invisible, and gave some of the worlds’ best coworking/community software developers access to the beta of the API (nicknamed the invisibleAPI). 

Today I got to catch up with Adrian from Nexudus who lead the implementation of our API, giving hundreds of communities the ability to ‘enable’ Member Benefits within their own whitelabelled member portal.

Psst, Nexudus have also published a conversation we had about the power of Member Benefits for coworking spaces.

Let’s dive in!

Q: Nexudus is both, one of the leading coworking software solutions and one of the first to integrate with our invisible API. How do you believe this will support the communities that use your solution?

Since we heard about what was about, we have been eager to make this happen.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the community of members our customers help foster, this integration means those members can access the offers and solutions promotes right within the member portal.

Nexudus is all about building membership platforms which look and feel consistent and in line with the brand of each operator. Having access to data over an API allowed us to very quickly embed that data within the existing portals and let our users design this experience exactly as they want.

Q: How can Nexudus customers turn on this integration?

Could not be simpler! Head to Space Settings > Integrations, scroll down to “” and turn on “Enabled”. Optionally, you can provide a “Community” slug if you have been provided with one by the team. This will make the purchase process a bit easier for your members.

The integration is part of the white-labelled portal. As usual, we provide a read-made and fully functional version of this page but, as part of your templates file, you can change it and brand it any way you want.

The access to the offers page is found in the “Community” menu in your portal, using the “Discounts” menu item. This shows automatically in your site when the integration is enabled.

Q: Is there any additional cost for a Nexudus customer to enable this (or other) integrations?

This is a win-win to all parties involved. It adds value to the Nexudus platform, to the members as well as the operators so, no, the integration is not charged for.

Q: From a tech perspective, how was the integration process?

Very easy. As early adopters of many innovative services like, the Nexudus team usually deals with incomplete or early-stage APIs and documentation but these guys had it all figured out!

And so you have it! A massive thanks to the dev team at Nexudus for pushing through the invisibleAPI integration, we look forward to further-increasing the value of memberships at all Nexudus-powered communities.

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