Supporting communities of communities (aka coworking alliances), even more.

We’re huuuuge fans of coworking alliances.

They provide an extremely valuable peer-support network, a base for shared marketing campaigns and a foundation for representing the needs/wants of shared workspace operators.

From the very early days of, we’ve explored multiple ways to support these alliances whilst increasing the value they create.

Today we make our Coworking Alliance support programme public, and are extending an invitation to any coworking alliance anywhere on the planet. 

We’ll provide alliance members with instant access to a growing roster of coworking-space focussed discounts and offers; whilst driving new revenue into alliance coffers. 

1-on-1 support will also be available to onboard any alliance members’ communities that would like to access new revenue sources from adding member benefits to their membership offerings. 

Run a coworking alliance? Learn more here.
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Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, ping us an email or open a new chat session in the bottom right.

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