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As we continue to facilitate the discovery and distribution of best-in-class products and services to launch or grow exciting businesses; the data has proved what we’d already assumed. And the fact is that sometimes, and in some verticals, a little back-and-forth goes a long-way in building trust and strong business relationships.

Up until now, we’ve enabled these back-and-forth conversations via email, which had messages hitting already overloaded email inboxes on both sides. This sometimes caused delays or even misunderstandings due to the context of messages being lost in long email threads.

Today we announce Inbox, which allows included users to manage 1-on-1 conversations with other users about business solutions, workspaces, day passes, and other new opportunities through one central communication hub. Inbox provides a clean interface to track all your conversations across the network, whether it’s doubling down on the specs you’d like on your new or refurbished computer; getting a refined quotation on your discounted business card, roller banner or tshirt printing; or even just getting a bit more info about that time-saving tax-filing perk you just unlocked.

You’ll still get and be able to reply directly to email notifications if you’re not online; but for the interactive back-and-forth the conversations work in real-time, with toggle-able desktop notifications available if you need to step or scroll away.

We couldn’t do what we do for 1000s of businesses if we didn’t constantly strive to protect your trust and privacy. For this reason, the brand new included Inbox is also an over-protective measure being implemented to better guard your contact details and your precious time.

The rollout has started with updates across the platform, namely to the dashboards for managing requests for both workspace viewings and your offered solutions on the marketplace. Inbox integration has also been added to the new ratings and management module for community members.

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