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Survival Guide for Coworking Conferences

Next week we attend our first coworking conference (of probably many, many more). And knowing that we can’t be the first one’s attending such an event for the first time, we called out to friends, partners operators and members of coworking communities around the world

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Been to a coworking conference?

So, we’re finally heading to our very first coworking conference after three years of supporting, connecting, promoting and enriching coworking communities around the world. Although we’re as friendly as can be, the outsider syndrome is strong as we prep for the conference. During a chat

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Grey-labelled savings for coworking communities

Since the new version of the included solutions platform was released, businesses have dug deeper; saved more time and money; and given us a tonne more ideas about products & services they’d like to save money on. We instantly began testing a more integrated version

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16,000+ coworking memberships just got upgraded!

Our solution discovery marketplace, which is designed to enrich the memberships at over 200 coworking communities, has just undergone a major upgrade and is now available for use by over 16,000 members. This weekend’s update makes it easier to explore the ever-growing number of handpicked

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Coworking Spotlight: The Breadwinners Foundation

When you connect over 100 coworking communities around the world, you will constantly come into contact with fantastic businesses, life-changing projects, and inspiring people. Our “Coworking Spotlight” series will highlight as many of these as possible. Hand-picked from their Logbook entries, and their open-hearted dedication

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