And now… inter-community business Q&As

Last month we launched solution ratings and recommendations, so that members of coworking spaces could very rapidly share knowledge across a network of almost 300 entrepreneurial communities.

By helping passionate people make efficient decisions about business solutions, 1000s of businesses can return focus back onto impressing their customers. 

However, with each solution provider having such a vast amount of sector-specific knowledge we’re introducing another layer of knowledge-sharing into the mix for the coworking and entrepreneurial communities we support.

Introducing included Q&A Sessions.

We’ll be lining up highly experienced and vetted professionals to answer any tough questions you may have about specific categories, and sharing the answers (which will obviously be edited to remove any private information) across the whole network.

We’ve already begun scheduling interactive Q&A sessions on topics like vested equity, compliance, crowd-funding, taxation, leveraging social data for B2B sales, and more.

Q&A sessions will only be accessible to active members of our 533 partner communities around the world. If your community is not included yet, invite them to join, it’s free.

We are working hard to make sure that most of the sessions will return insights and knowledge that would be useful to entrepreneurial change-makers regardless of whether you’re in a big city, or one of the remote communities we support.

The first Q&A session is scheduled for the last week of April and will run over how equity can be used to motivate, inspire and protect a business’s interests.

Don’t miss a Q&A session:


Not sure if your community is included? Want to get involved with supporting inter-community knowledge sharing? Let’s chat.

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