Xero extends 50% discount to startups who cowork in the USA & Canada.

Setting up a business of any kind involves a lot of thought, design and software. Xero’s online accounting software solution is a solution that over a million growing businesses use, not only to keep track of their finances, but also as a tool to plan for growth and raise funding.

Over the last few months we’ve been promoting a 50% discount on Xero subscriptions to startups across our network of partnered coworking spaces in the United Kingdom.

But Xero knows that businesses which operate all across the globe can use their solution, and what better way to reach these businesses than through the inspiring coworking and entrepreneurial communities they congregate around?

From today, members and operators of 40+ coworking and entrepreneurial communities in the United States and Canada can also grab 50% off of their first 12 months of Xero subscription fees

Grab This Business Solution with a membership to any US or Canadian included coworking community

A massive thanks to the whole partnerships team at Xero for stepping up and supporting 1000s of new businesses through coworking and included.co!

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