Shared buying-power between coworking communities almost doubled in 2017

2017 has been a rocketship year for our partner communities and the coworking sector as a whole. And we’re super happy to report that in 2017 the number of coworking spaces that share buying-power through has almost doubled.

In this post we look at the growth of our community over the last 12 months, take a quick overview of 2017 trends across the wider-market and within our community of communities; and touch on some of what you can expect from us in 2018. Community Numbers for 2017

  • Increase in number of partner communities.

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  • 2017


  • Number of partner communities.

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  • 2017


Quick 2017 Sector Overview

Across the sector, we’ve seen huge fundraises as coworking and flexible workspaces offerings mature. We’ve seen new mergers and total acquisitions, both vertically and horizontally. Heck we’ve even seen some coworking brands invest in other more niche-focussed brands and communities.

Within our growing network, we have seen a few communities face challenges due to changes in local taxes, spikes in rental demands and from landlords shifting ‘into the game’ for themselves. We’ve also seen many partner communities expand within both their local and global ecosystems.

We’ve been so proud to see the members of these communities launch and grow their businesses throughout 2017; and look forward to helping them save even more money this year!

A glimpse into 2018

We’re working on a tonne of lovely updates, awesome partnerships and operational changes. The summary is that this year, we’re ramping up both our support and our scale.

You can expect even more local and global savings; even more white-labelling and APIs; even more promotion of members’ successes; even more opportunities for member businesses; even more support for community operators; and even more team members across the globe on our side.

To be the first in-the-know about these and other announcements follow us on our Twitter account @includedco.

Thank you all for inspiring us throughout 2017! We wish you all the successes you truly deserve in 2018!

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