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What is #CoworkingCodeOfConduct all about?

If you’re connected to the coworking sector and any social media network, you’ll have seen posts around the #CoworkingCodeOfConduct from event organizers, conference supporters and both coworking alliances and space operators. This blog post runs over what it’s all about, and why we feel it’s

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520,000 more coworking members in 2019

The first batch of findings from deskmag’s 2019 Global Coworking Survey have been released in a beautiful 65 slide presentation, and they show some very interesting trend data. I’ll run through some number that caught my eye, but definitely grab the whole bundle if you’d

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Hyperlocal Coworking Perks go into beta

Last month we announced that we were readying to give community managers a whole new superpower with Hyperlocal Coworking Perks. From today, you can begin adding deals from your favourite local eateries, drinkeries and cookie-eries and they’ll soon be displayed right inside your Member Perks

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Why, and how, we’re supporting

Since the earliest days of coworking, a growing number of inspiring women have lead their spaces, ecosystems and the movement. These amazing humans have devoted thousands and thousands of collective work days into enabling entrepreneurship on every continent, and so it should be no surprise

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Introducing Hyperlocal Coworking Perks

We believe in the positive impact that entrepreneurial and workspace communities have on their local ecosystems. Your workspaces increasingly give entrepreneurs (and their passionate teams) a home, a community, a support network and unprecedented access to perks and benefits. But you also drive important commerce

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