Run a business community on WordPress? Join the included Perks WP plugin beta 🤓

If you run a WordPress site for a coworking (or any multi-business) community, you can now apply to be a beta tester of the included Perks WP plugin.

Put simply, you’ll be able to offer your members a whole raft of business perks from right inside your WordPress site.

You can optionally choose to only show perks to logged in users of your WordPress, showing logged out users a teaser list of perks available with your memberships; or insert the shortcode behind a login screen on your WordPress site.

The plugin embeds the embeddable widget, allowing for a powerful perk program to run seamlessly within your site, without adding extra information to your databases for all perks. The widget also works out of the box with Hyperlocal Perks, our experimental local currency conversions and a whole raft of personalization and optimization upgrades being implemented at included HQ.

Sound good? Get involved by requesting access below.

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