Introducing the first phase of making all business perks available in local currencies.

As you browse the perks on our platform and widgets, you may notice that some non-USD perk prices now also show an approximate conversion into US dollars.

This is an experimental first phase of our plan to make every business perk available in every local currency, as part of our ongoing mission to truly democratize access to the worlds best business solutions.

We plan on thoroughly testing this technology (and it’s accuracy) to see if can become a big part of how we get even more important business tools into the hands of people who are building sustainable businesses, livelihoods and/or ecosystems anywhere in the world.

These conversions are already live in our embeddable widgets, and are being added to /v1/ of our API endpoints ahead of its release in Q4 2019.

We’re using current foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank to power the conversions at present.

If you do notice any issues, bugs or want to give us suggestions or feedback, please do get in touch.

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