Hyperlocal Coworking Perks go into beta

Making it easy-peasy for coworking spaces to offer tasty deals from local favs.

Last month we announced that we were readying to give community managers a whole new superpower with Hyperlocal Coworking Perks.

From today, you can begin adding deals from your favourite local eateries, drinkeries and cookie-eries and they’ll soon be displayed right inside your Member Perks page through whichever member portal integration or widget you prefer.

If you already have great offers from your local favourite spots, Hyperlocal Perks will instantly half the number of perks ‘pages’ that need to be managed or kept up-to-date, but also streamlines the benefits experience for your amazing members.

These local and exclusive offers or discounts will be made available to just your own members, but will sit alongside the hundreds of deals we’re constantly negotiating for you and your members through the global shared buying-power of 450+ coworking communities.

Your Hyperlocal Perks will be tagged, indexed, and be easily searchable.

(And with stats coming soon too, you’ll be able to find out exactly what perks and offers your members are munching up, or turning their chairs away from.)

Part of the network and ready to activate Hyperlocal Perks?
Hop on over to your included Dashboard and join the beta.

Not included yet?
Find out more about how we’re supporting 475 coworking communities in 60+ countries, and more importantly why we do.

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