Of course included.co is at this coworking conference!

Over the last 4 years included.co has grown from an audacious idea, into a global ecosystem of entrepreneurial and workspace communities working together behind-the-scenes to push down prices, unlock new opportunities and make entrepreneurship even more accessible.

Each year, there are hundreds of inspiring events across our partner communities. Among these are a growing number of superb or new coworking conferences that I’d love to be able to attend in person. But I can’t.

Earlier this year I had to make a tough call to put a pause on personally attending all my favourite and new conferences (outside of the city I found myself in) whilst I prepared included.co, our technology and our company for what comes next. It was a hard decision, and one that meant that I’d miss out on hanging with so many awesome and inspiring people around the world.

Thankfully though, there hasn’t been a coworking conference for a very long time where at least one partner community operator, member, vendor, integrated software provider or ambassador wasn’t in attendance.

The truth though, is that even as the ranks at included are filled with some of the most passionate people in the world, neither ‘we’ or ‘I’ are what makes included.co so powerful.

You are included and everything single thing that we do, even the hard stuff, is to empower you and your local community even more.



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