Coworking Europe 2017 super summary

Crowd-sourced feedback & lessons learned from the Coworking Europe 2017 conference.

We have only been back from Coworking Europe in Dublin for a week, and already the community connection feels tighter than ever!

There were understandably people who could not make it this year, and who were sorely missed, but those that came definitely bonded more than ever.

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It’s no secret that last year was a tough year for Coworking Europe, but it turned out to be a growing pain, as we said in our conference survival guide before we set off for Dublin the mood is high and support for the event is generous.

When we got to Dublin people seemed determined to make it work across WhatsApp groups, Copass Camp, Slack Channels and social media there was a nonstop flurry of banter and communication. So much so that on one of the nights, when Alice Cooper announced an extra gig a bunch of us closed our laptops, put down our Guinness glasses, and shot over to rock out.

The event attracted both a host of new faces; and many long time attendees who had all travelled in to learn about each other’s communities and challenges.

The first day, was opened and hosted by Alex who made sure both new and previous attendees felt equally welcomed. The schedule for the day started with a series of keynote talks and panels on topics like the growing coworking scene in Dublin and the latest EU coworking stats from DeskMag’s Coworking Survey, before splitting into three tracks namely ‘Impact’, ‘Business / Operations’ and ‘Trends’.

The second day was run as an ‘un-conference’, where attendees suggested sessions and volunteered to run them. Think of it as attendee generated conference scheduling. These sessions were then split across five time slots throughout the day and topics ranged from software, community, real estate, rural coworking, small workspace challenges. Hector even co-hosted an un-conference session on coworking management software, which allowed 30+ community operators to openly vent about their issues with existing software in the same room as many of the world’s best coworking software developers.

The final day was the conference’s “experimental day”, where they tested out new interactive content like a live ‘Coworking Doctors’ panel, an interesting €1,000 pitching competition and live-streamed their conference content for the very first time.

The event ended with a closing party sponsored by 1Tap who gave away a brand new iPad to a lucky attendee during the party.

As the conference was all about sharing thoughts and opinions, we invited all attendees to share their top takeaways from the conference.

This is what folks had to say about the number 1 thing they learned at the conference:

Lessons Learned at Coworking Europe 2017

Community is all

@weinbrennjonny Jonny WeinbrennRun/manage a coworking community
at BE Offices

I was once again aware that we all have to work on the same issues, but that we have to solve them very differently because of different preconditions. But it was both valuable and inspiring to talk about it.

@isarmatrose Tobias KremkauRun/manage a coworking community
at St. Oberholz

Sharing more is always better than sharing only what you think is necessary. Get the people right and the rest will follow. We need each other.

@kameraad52 Jeannine van der LindenSupport coworking communities
at The European Coworking Assembly

Coworking comes in many shapes and forms. Apply the coworking values and you'll learn something from everyone in this movement!

@Entrelac_ Marion MajouRun/manage a coworking community
at Entrelac

To listen to other people who run coworking spaces and to their stories of successes and failures.

@philip_dodson PhilRun/manage a coworking community
at @Work Hubs

To share and listen

@GlubCenter DanielaRun/manage a coworking community
at Glub Center

People have the power. No matter how big or small your community/ space is. Being connected is vital. Both inside the space and when coming to these conferences and being with the coworking movers and shakers.

@theledge80 Alex AhomRun/manage a coworking community
at Shhared

I learnt that I'm part of an amazing global movement that is disruptive and transforming the way we work. We are diverse and experimental and that the people in this pioneering industry are awesome!

@thanhquann Thanh Quan-NichollsRun/manage a coworking community
at Desklodge

There are some amazing economic development efforts taking place around coworking in Skibbereen, and if they can do it, so can many others!

@tonybgoode Tony BacigalupoSupport coworking communities
at New Work Cities

Coworking spaces are simply the meeting points - now that we've gathered, the real work begins. Excited for Coworking 2.0!

@FounderyTO Ashley ProctorRun/manage a coworking community
at Foundery / 312 Main / Creative Blueprint

It was the first time my wife joined the Copass Camp with me, without attending the Conference. Exploring Dublin together 2 days before and 1 day after the Conf was a great learning and having fun experience, and helped me get Dublin way better than if I had been on my own (she is awesome at exploring cities, in particular Food & Beverage related venues).
As a core-team volunteer organization-wise, it was definitely great for me to work with skilled AV partners, to do a better job and finally see key sessions live-streamed. The budget is always worth it.
Next time: planning one or two more days to explore the city and coworking communities after the conf sound good. Make my role as a volunteer a duo or pass the baton to have (more) time as an attendee to meet new people, hug old friends, explore new ideas and write about them (e.g. brain space to co-facilitate an unconference session or pitch a new project in the contest).

@shalf YannRun/manage a coworking community
at La Serre

The coworking space is a space, a hub of services but most of all a community of people working on different things together (and paying to do so !). It's all about finding the good match and what creates value to your community. Freelancers are a big part of it as they are the core of the coworking community, to which you can add small companies and even... corporates ! How to create value for freelancers ? is an essential topic we discussed.

@AurianeB Auriane BertrandRun a freelancer community
at Malt

Coworking community operators and supporters are even more awesome, friendly and helpful in real life! I stepped up, shared something important to me, but definitely came away with much much more.

@inztinkt Hector KolonasSupport coworking communities

Thanks a tonne to everyone who shared their opinions, and to all the amazing people we met!

If you’re feeling as joyous as we are, be sure to get your community involved with the 2017 Global Coworking Gift Exchange.

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