Coworking Operators’ Roundtable: Going virtual to support and connect members

Since releasing the co-powered Public Health Resource on dealing with infectious diseases for coworking space operators, we’ve had a series of similar conversations about how coworking communities can still offer business and community support to their members who may not be able (or want) to come into their physical spaces.

There are loads of great ideas, a number of understandable concerns and calls for collaboration and support. So a number of us thought it’d be great to all get together and chat. Virtually, ofcourse.

At 3PM EST today (12 March 2020) we’ll be co-hosting an international Coworking Operators’ Roundtable on the topic in the form of a Zoom call.

During the call we’ll discuss options and ideas for not only supporting individual members, but communities as a whole during these trying times that are increasingly calling for social distancing.

The event is coordinated alongside a number of our friends, partners, participating alliances and workspace operators.

To get updates from this roundtable or be informed about future roundtables, complete the following form:

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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