Public Health Resource for community operators dealing with infectious disease risks.

Over a million people share coworking spaces. Millions more use shared multi-business facilities like business centers, rent commercial real estate, or host/attend industry events and meetups.

Infectious Diseases can sometimes risk lives, livelihoods and whole communities. However there are many ways and methods to mitigate risks and still provide a healthy, clean and supportive environment.

Here’s what is covered in the resource:

  • Quick start guide to keeping your space healthy
  • Signage that you can print and hang in your space
  • Best recommendations for how to handle sick members and sick employees
  • Ideas on how to keep your community connected in the event of an outbreak or quarantine in your area
  • Ideas on how to keep your revenue coming in in the event things take a while to settle
  • Links to external resources to keep you updated on the outbreak and response

👉 Learn more and grab the resources you need over on the Women Who Cowork blog.

About the Author

Hector Kolonas

Hector Kolonas

Passionate about connecting entrepreneurial communities, so that amazing people can take their businesses from anywhere to everywhere.