Additional verifications now required for ‘assisted’ community registrations.

Let me start out by stating that I truly understand that there are so many sites, platforms and online communities that coworking communities are having to register on or opt into.

And yes, I also see the value in outsourcing the submission process to personal/virtual assistants to lighten the workload and protect your community managers’ time.

And whilst it could look great to have 1000s of spaces on our platform in the short-term, we’re not in this for appearances. We exist to multiply the real business value of memberships at entrepreneurial communities.

The undeniable strength of the infrastructure and network comes those communities who actively integrate, promote and leverage our perks program as a part of their own value proposition.

These spaces are not only leveraging the constantly-evolving whitelabel widgets and integrations, but they can also be seen advocating about the inherent benefits of having 10s of 1000s of businesses worldwide sharing a interconnected perks program, both in terms of cumulative buying-power and the potential reach or distribution for their business-facing member businesses.

And so, whilst we would never ban these assisted registrations, we will be implementing a secondary verification process for the community profiles that our system (or team) flags as possibly being registered by somebody off-premises.

This secondary verification, is quick and easy and done via email. Community operators are also invited to schedule an optional call to discuss specific challenges, upcoming community objectives and to get some pro-tips on implementing a valuable and engaging coworking perks program.

(We’ll also be reaching out to all of our registered partner communities more often, to make sure that their teams have all the details they need to be able to give their members the full advantage of both the global and Hyperlocal coworking perks too.)

Wondering why we’re adding this step? This process will keep the network strong, and continue to provide an accurate overview of who our perk negotiations are benefiting as oppose to only listing communities who’ve registered.

Good idea? Bad idea? Prefer waffles more than pancakes?
Let us know via email, twitter or comment below.

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Hector Kolonas

Hector Kolonas

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