Supporting & Enriching Entrepreneurial Communities

  • The Why

    Isn’t it frustrating how much time and money is wasted trying to find entrepreneur-friendly businesses and services?

    Imagine how efficiently businesses could be built if the traditionally wasted resources were instead pumped right back into product and growth. Oh, what an unfair advantage that would be!

    You could say that a fighting chance at success is included with every single desk in our partner spaces.

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  • The Who

    All over the world, we’re building a team (well three teams) to support and connect the various ecosystems we’re currently working in.

    Our Startup Ambassadors and Local Heroes are actual superstars who volunteer their time to help us keep an eye and ear on the ground in each of our ecosystems, helping their local economy and gaining valuable personal networks.

    And, our Ops Team handle the day-to-day running of the platform and making sure our guests are comfortable and can confidently build their business.

    Raquel Lopez

    Vasos Kolonas

    Peter Kyriakou

    Philipp Kuschnir



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  • The When

    We’ve been around since early March 2014, initially learning as much as we could from our first partner spaces and their communities. We’re now expanding rapidly to be able to reach and connect as many growing businesses as possible. If we’re not in your city yet, please give us a poke, and we’ll do our best to meet you where you need us.

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  • The How

    We do a lot to help startups, so it’s probably better to list what we don’t do:

    • We don’t own a single coworking space. And work with local partners, who are dedicated to making sure their guests are comfortable.
    • We don’t act as an incubator. We’ve been compared to incubators, but we’re building a marketplace to help startups and freelancers, not a global incubator.