We believe in the positive global impact of entrepreneurial communities.

  • Entrepreneurship is increasingly the world’s most impactful socioeconomic enabler and equaliser. 

    By improving the accessibility and sustainability of entrepreneurship across the globe, we aim to enable another 10 million people to improve their lives, their communities and our world.

  • Entrepreneurship is changing, everywhere.

    And with it, how and where communities of similar businesses, freelancers and micro-enterprises are congregating, is changing too.

    included.co operates the global infrastructure that enables 100s of coworking and workspace communities to provide business-boosting perks to their members.

Communities anywhere in the world can now activate a powerful member perks programme, backed by the shared buying-power of an entire network, and seamlessly embed powerful benefits right into their member portals, websites and/or mobile apps.

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Being included.

Supporting the wider community.

We often step in to help impactful projects get off the ground, or onto the internet, so that the passionate people behind them can get back to their important work.

We have a policy of allocating a block of tech, strategic and/or creative support time for each team member to contribute to an entrepreneurship-enabling project or organisation that’s important to them.

As we continue to build out or global team, we look forward to enabling even more non-profit and impact projects across the planet.

Looking for an exciting challenge and have a passion for entrepreneurship? Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

Recent Projects include: The Coworking Library, European Freelancers Week, coworking.jobs, The European Coworking Assembly, OuiShare Radio and Women Who Cowork.