Your memberships & pricing now also get updated automagically.

Today, we’re happy to share that we’ve integrated the newest version of automatic workspace data syncing via Syncaroo.

This means that your included workspace profiles can now automatically display offices, meeting rooms and other memberships, along with their up-to-date pricing.

And when you make changes in your management system, they get updated on your included profile too. 

Kinda like magic, that’s one less task for you to do per change in price or membership plans.

Setting up automatic updates of your profile.

  1. Register for (or switch to) Syncaroo’s Data Sync plan.
  2. Connect your management system.
  3. Add as a connection.
  4. That’s it!

From then on, everything gets updated for you by Syncaroo.

What does Syncaroo Data Sync cost?

Data Sync is priced publicly at $29.99 per address per month, but of course included partner communities and members of included coworking alliances get a lifetime discount.

Can other platforms also get automatic updates? is just one of the platforms with early-access to Syncaroo integration technology. 

Collectively, we are all striving towards making workspaces even more discoverable, and listings/profiles everywhere more reliable in our rapidly changing environments.

One of the benefits of being connected to Syncaroo is that there’s a growing number of platforms, aggregators, coworking alliances, real-estate brokerages, booking apps and marketing channels working are on integrations. 

Keep an eye on their Twitter for announcements of new integrations.

This means that regardless of where a potential member or customer finds your workspace, the pricing and details they see are accurate.

What about lockdown statuses?

Back in June (or what sometimes feels like 32 years ago), we added automatic syncing of lockdown statuses from Cobot, Nexudus and officeRND onto ‘Lockdown Status Ribbons‘ on the profiles of our partner communities.

This allowed any space operators using those three management platforms to update our site, and a few others, automatically.

Whilst lockdowns (and whether workspaces are accessible, are taking on new members, or have other restrictions) are unfortunately still a constantly changing part of our day-to-day lives; this will stay up and running for as necessary.

In short: Lockdown statuses will continue to be synced and displayed as Ribbons on workspace profiles for as long they’re necessary. 

Are there any fees on bookings via 

included’s core focus is on enriching membership values,, but workspaces on both included tiers (Core and Premium) can voluntarily choose to also promote their available desks, offices or memberships on their partner profiles.

Whilst included Premium workspaces do not pay for booking requests, any booking requests sent to included Core workspaces are charged a 10% fee on successful requests.

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