Workspace statuses, now kept in-sync from your management software. Automagically.

We love promoting our partner communities, and all that they do for local entrepreneurship.


Being able to share which spaces are open to all, only welcoming existing members or temporarily closed will help us ensure that folks who are seeking new communities to join can do so more efficiently.

Letting potential members & partners know about your current status, automatically.

Syncaroo‘s long-awaited  StatusSync service is now in private beta.


This free services allows you to choose which platforms you’d like to be automagically updated with COVID-19 status changes made inside your preferred workspace management software.

In short, by connecting to your management platform in Syncaroo, we’ll receive and display your current COVID-19 status on your workspace profile in an informative ribbon. 


👉 See Kamer52’s included profile for a live demo. 


As your local environment and status changes, Syncaroo will keep your workspace status ribbon on included (and other participating platforms) updated too.


Like magic. 

How can we get started with Syncaroo?

Can we set a C-19 status without Syncaroo?

Ofcourse. We just recommend Syncaroo so that you can keep multiple platforms, apps, and listing platforms updated automatically.


Log into your Workspace Dashboard and click to edit any of your communities. In that form you’ll see 2 new fields for setting C-19 statuses and information. 

What about other workspace information?

Changes in prices, memberships, descriptions, photos, availability and accessibility will also be sync-able to your included public profile via Syncaroo in their upcoming full-version.


Designed to save workspace marketers & managers hundreds of hours a year for flexible spaces of all sizes, types and statuses. 


Not only will workspaces who join the beta of StatusSync get a life-time discount on the full Syncaroo service, but included partners will get an additional discount too. 

Who uses/sees included space listings? powers rewarding member benefits programs for business communities. 


As our perks, benefits, deals and solutions are only available to members of participating communities, we often get asked about where folks can work or join and get great deals.


Members of participating communities also look for other participating communities in new cities and countries that they’re looking to launch or hire in.


Our partner directory listings are predominantly for these humans, teams and businesses. 


Having a public listing is optional for all included partner communities, and there’s 0% commissions or booking fees for Premium partners. 

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