Why, and how, we’re supporting WomenWhoCowork.com

And implemented an affordable open-source tech-stack for coworking alliances along the way.

Since the earliest days of coworking, a growing number of inspiring women have lead their spaces, ecosystems and the movement.

These amazing humans have devoted thousands and thousands of collective work days into enabling entrepreneurship on every continent, and so it should be no surprise that two of them came together to build an global alliance to support female founders of coworking spaces around the world; the community managers and space operators; and the thought leaders and advocates who have been shaping the movement since it’s beginning.

Having heard their plan, goals and mission; we knew we wanted to help.

So early last year, we reached out to see what challenges they were facing, and where we could help them make the impact they were aiming for.

As with many game-changers, we learned that efficient tech implementation would rapidly enable their global movement, and so we got to work.

Over the last few months, we’ve loved working closely with their launch team to build out their new website, membership system, member listings and more upcoming features.

The site soft-launched at their 2019 Women Who Cowork retreat, which was held in Denver, Colorado in April; but this week they’ve officially announced the platform to the general public.

We’ll continue to support their platform, their movement, and their members and look forward to being a teeny tiny part of their journey as they strive towards the important goal of 100% gender parity in leadership and funding accessibility.

What about this “affordable open-source tech-stack for coworking alliances”?

We ensured that the entire platform was build on, with and around open-source technologies. Not only did this keep the cost down for WWCO, but it also allowed us to ensure that the platform is sustainable, manageable, scalable and replicate-able.

The core platform is powered by WordPress with a combination of both free and premium plugins, themes and custom code snippets.

A number of coworking alliances who’ve used WomenWhoCowork.com during beta, reached out for our assistance in setting up their listing, membership, payments, event calendars, merchandise store and communications platforms.

We’re currently exploring options for bundling the tech-stack and making it available as an affordable turn-key solution for Coworking Alliances signed up to included.

If your Coworking Alliance would be interested in this turn-key solution, please do let us know. As with everything we do, the more participating communities, the lower we can get the pricing.

For those who would like to outsource the implementation to your preferred WordPress developers, we’ll be sharing more about the tech-stack via our WordPress for Coworking Spaces group on Facebook as quickly as we can.

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