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What is #CoworkingCodeOfConduct all about?

If you’re connected to the coworking sector and any social media network, you’ll have seen posts around the #CoworkingCodeOfConduct from event organizers, conference supporters and both coworking alliances and space operators.

This blog post runs over what it’s all about, and why we feel it’s important for the whole coworking movement.

“What is the Coworking Code of Conduct?”

The amazing team at Cobot, put together a freely available template in English, German and Spanish (at time of writing) for event organizers to use to build a Code of Conduct that ensures a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religious affiliation.

The topic of inclusivity, acceptance and community are huge parts of the coworking sector and the many great organizations we choose to support and collaborate with.

There’s still a lot of hurt in the world, and by getting more events to commit to implementing procedures and policies like these go a long way in laying a good foundation for positive change.

Today’s the launch day, and organizations and individuals who have pledged to implement a coworking code of conduct in some way are getting involved around the #CoworkingCodeOfConduct hashtag.

“What’s the point? The world won’t change overnight! Right?!

Whilst change won’t happen ‘overnight’, this is a superb next step.

The conversation get’s another boost, the excuse for  ‘not knowing how’ to prepare a code of conduct is removed from the equation and more events than yesterday are now committing to policies and processes to make events and spaces more inclusive.

For example, we’ve adjusted the template to build our Coworking Events Code of Conduct, that we now expect all the events, conferences and meetups we collaborate with to commit to.

The same is being done by the likes of the Coworking Library, the European Coworking Assembly and the German Coworking Federation. This means that even more affiliated, hosted, or co-hosted events will also be asked to commit to a code of conduct, and so the potential total field of exposure is increased.

“OK, cool! How can my coworking space, event and/or alliance get involved?”

It’s pretty simple to ‘sign’ a pledge to be more inclusive, but be sure to have a think about how best to implement the policies, frameworks and processes you’ll need to keep the promises you’re about to make to your attendees.

Here’s 5 steps to getting involved:

  1. Pop over to this site, take a look over the terms and grab the template in the language(s) you’d need.
  2. Setup the processes and policies needed to enforce the code of conduct and respond to complaints.
  3. Then make the changes you need to the templates, and publish them on your website/event system.
  4. Be sure to have attendees accept the code of conduct when registering or checking in to your events or space.
  5. Let the world know you’re doing your part to make your community more inclusive and accepting via the #CoworkingCodeOfConduct hashtag.
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