Q4 2019 ProptechUpdate video

Hey I’m Hector from included.co and welcome to the ProptechUpdate where we give every coworking technology company just 30 seconds to tell us what they’re most excited about releasing this quarter and what they’re working on for the next quarter.


It’s been an epic year for the humans, companies, and technology that have enabled coworking for over 2 million people all around the world.


Let’s have a listen to what they’re excited about!

Hi this is Bradd with isofy.


We had an exciting quarter where we launched our new admin dashboard that gives control to your staff over the network.


We added support for Unifi access points and Unifi switches and we had a soft-launch of our integration with the Nexudus platform.


Next quarter we’re excited to add more hardware support, including Meraki and add many more features to that new dashboard.

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next quarter.

Hi. aCubeNow is formerly Haplo.


The 3 key functionalities we’ve added in this quarter are the ability to categorise your space by floors, create custom plans for your small and large clients, and last but not the least, onboard service providers onto your platform exclusively for your space. 


Can’t be excited more for 2020.

Hey guys!


For this last quarter, we are working on whitelabelling the software to make connections, collaborations and growth as professionals and also as businesses. We’re working on a way that other companies can build forward on the software we have built and are more easy to whitelabel and use it with their own brands. 


That’s what we’re working on!

Hi, I’m Barbara!


The last quarter has been busy for Satellite Deskworks


You’ve seemed to really like our interactive clickable floorplan; the membership landing pages, so people can click to buy it now, autocharge of payment processing fees and auto-retry of declined payments. 


Deskworks is remarkably lightweight fast and easily customizable for you.


We’re excited about 2020! Look out for our interactive KPI dashboard shortly.

Hi! Eric here from Morningstar Software.


I’m excited to introduce to you our new features and improvements to our shared workspace management platform. This quarter we added color-coded floorplans, a sleeker invoicing system, and a client-directory in our customer portal.


Next quarter we’ll be adding a proposal generator with brochures, floorplans and electronic signatures aswell as integrating with our network and phone management partner.


Thanks and stay tuned.

Hi, I’m Damien from Nexudus in London.


If we had to choose something we’ve worked on in the past quarter it would have to be our new suite of apps dedicated to improve our member experience. We’ve completely rebuilt all of our apps from visitor management, to meeting room availability display to delivery tracking and collection aswell as the members app which can even unlock doors, or book a room, just by waving your device in front of them. These are all whitelabel and customizable.


And yes, we’ve got loads on for the next quarter too. Better data warehousing, and reporting options, new apps for those of you who are running hospitality and catering services as well as a good number of integrations with well known services.


Stay tuned!

I’m Jacob Sayles, the creator of the Nadine Project, the only open source coworking platform, so far.


Recently I’ve been cleaning up the Raspberry Pi/HIDEvo door controller system and expanding our network attendance system to work with Unifi Security Gateways as well as PFSense firewalls.


Going forward I’m looking for additional collaboration partners and sponsors. Open Source software needs continuous support to evolve and grow. 


So please check out nadineproject.org to see if this might be something you are interested in helping with.

Hey there!


My name is Sam, and I’m the communications specialist for Cobot.


Last quarter we made a number of improvements to our admin features and functionality, most notably we overhauled our analytics features so you can better understand your spaces’ utilization. 


In addition, we added new product tours, more onboarding videos as well as some advanced support features.


Next quarter, we’re looking forward to announcing some major integrations as well as celebrating 10 years of Cobot.


So stay tuned. Thank you so much!

Mike Everts here with OfficeRND, and I’ll have the pleasure of giving you the Q4 update for 2019.


Our primary focus this quarter was on re-designing our mobile and web member apps. 


With the re-design, we are able to bring a slick new look and feel to the member side of the platform and have made it even easier for your members to book rooms, view guides and engage with the community.


Our updated mobile app will bring many of the features you’re used to on the desktop-side on to the mobile experience.


We’re excited to announce that both of these updates will be released in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Hi, I am Josh Hudnall. I’m the Chief Design Officer of Proximity, and I get to tell you about some of the cool things we are doing with the Proximity Network.


Like better event management, punch pass subscriptions, and a bunch of improvements with data to bring into your accounting software.


Even more exciting is what we have coming up like enhanced multi-space support, Advanced RADIUS integration for more secured networks, and some really awesome ways to connect with people just like you.


I’m really excited to share this update with you, thanks!

Hi everyone, this is Madison from coworker.com, the world’s largest online marketplace for finding, booking and reviewing coworking spaces.


2019 was a massive year for us, I’m excited to share that we grew over 40% organically, so we’re just under 14,000 spaces in 171 countries around the world at the moment.


2020 the most exciting thing that’s going to be on our radar is Global Pass by Coworker, which is a global coworking space membership that grants business travellers and remote workers frictionless access to 1000s of spaces around the world.


So if you have any questions about Global Pass or if Coworker can help you achieve your 2020 goals in any way, please feel free to reach out to me at madison – a t – coworker – d o t – com

So there you have it, the last #ProptechUpdate for 2019. And of the decade.


We’ll be back in the first quarter of 2020 and until then we’re wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.

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