Q3 2020 ProptechUpdate video

Hey I’m Hector Kolonas and welcome to another ProptechUpdate.

This quarter we’ve received updates from 10 coworking tech platforms about they’ve been cooking up in their metaphorical kitchens.

Let’s see what they’re serving up…

Hi, I’m Amanda, the Director of Operations for CloudVO with our Q3 update.

We are officially out of our beta environment and have fully launched our new website, cloudvo.com, to showcase our 900 flexible office space operators in one succinct platform. 

We have also implemented Health and Safety Badges that will help connect our prospects and clients to our partners around the globe that go above and beyond to maintain their community’s wellbeing and the safety of their spaces.

In Q4, we will be launching large-scale ad and PR campaigns focused of providing virtual office services to small businesses who need to establish their business identities and to corporate accounts that need to access part-time offices to support their work-from-home and remote work strategies.

Hey everyone, it’s Alex from Coherent.

In the last quarter we released Multi-Day Passes which allows you to set a single price across a set timeframe across multiple days, which is ideal if you want members to be able to book for an entire week for example.

We completely redesigned our invoices and made it much easier to add and manage charges.

And for the next quarter our focus is going to be integrating with Stripe which will allow us to more easily manage one-off payments and also to expand into more countries and currencies.

Hi. This is Eric with Workspace Geek, the coworking-industry’s most reliable and user-friendly member management platform.

This quarter we release Kiosk, our new tablet-based automated system for member and guest check-in, with deliveries and meeting arrivals.

In addition we added an attendee list to meetings, with text and email notifications of guest arrivals.

Next quarter stay tuned for QuickBooks, KISI and additional integrations.

Hi everyone, Ginger Dhaliwal here, Co-Founder and CPO of Upflex.

I know 2020 has been a crazy crazy year for everybody and I hope everyone’s doing well.

We do have two major updates to talk about –

the first, we’ve partnered with Colliers International and developed the Colliers Mobility Pass. Now Colliers is able to build out flexible workplace solutions for their client through on-demand or hub-and-spoke solutions. We’re really excited about this partnership with Colliers and we’ve launched it globally as of end of September.

Secondly, we’ve launched our Hubs solutions. The Hubs solution allows our users (and Colliers Mobility Pass users) to start booking longer term leases at any of our partner spaces. We’re glad to finally be offering longer-term opportunities in bookings for our space partners that go beyond just the day-bookings that we’ve been doing. We’ve already launched a few hubs, and have many many more to launch in Q4.

If you’re not already a partner on our platform, we’d love to from you! Feel free to reach out.

Wishing you the very very best for Q4 of 2020 and looking forward to chatting in the new year! Take care. Bye!

Mike from officernd, and here’s a quick look at a few of the things we’ve been working on over the past quarter.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the officernd reception app, which can be placed at your front-desk and allows members and guests to easily sign into your space.

In the administrator portal we’ve just released universal search, which makes it very easy for operators to find the member data they need, quickly.

Lastly, we made some additional improvements to the mobile app and now support tickets and in-app messaging.

In Q4 we’re working on reports, the dashboard and will focus on additional features for multilocation operators. 

Thanks so much for asking and have a great day.

At included.co, alongside adding new deals and benefits into all the perks programs, we also introduced you to your first local included.co ambassadors.

We also introduced a new weekly newsletter called ThisWeekInCoworking.com.

And from a tech perspective, we’ve added new design tools for our Premium partners and are in the final testing phase of Syncaroo’s data-updating platform.

In the last quarter of 2020 you can expect to see new management tools, new partnerships, and a whole new level of support for coworking alliances all around the world.

Hey guys, this in Nynke from Seats2Meet in the Netherlands and I’d like to tell you somethings about what we are focussing on this quarter and the next quarter.

We are focussing a lot on using our existing software technology for offices, to help them organize the traffic between working-at-home, working in coworking spaces and working in the office and to keep it safe, so that there are not too many people in one place. And to help them organize who is working where, and to stay connected to everybody.

I hope you’re all doing fine and greetings from the whole Seats2Meet team.

Hey there, this is Maarten from Zapfloor bringing you our Q3 proptech update.

So for Q3 we are very proud to announce the release of the whitelabel version of our mobile app, both for Android and iOS. We’ve also integrated multiple single-sign-on solutions.

Finally we further developed our advanced roles system, allowing for different types of users and operators.

For Q4 we plan to release the iFrame of our hotdesking module, so that you can integrate it directly into your own website. We also want to roll out our newly developed floorplan in all of Zapfloor’s modules. Finally we will further integrate Salto KS into Zapfloor by adding mobile key unlocking to the Zapfloor app.

From all of us here at Zapfloor, we wish you a great day. Please stay safe, and we’ll see you in Q4. Take care!

Hi, this is Robert Kropp with Syncaroo.

This quarter we built and began testing Data Sync – our syncing technology that automatically updates booking and aggregator platforms when workspace inventory, prices and other critical information are changed within officernd, Nexudus and Cobot.

This builds upon our free Status Sync functionality and will be available for public testing soon.

Next quarter you can expect more integrations with management platforms, aggregators and alliances as well as more developer resources.

Thanks, have a nice day!

Hey there! My name is Sam and I’m here to tell you about Cobot’s Q3 2020 proptech update.

What’d we update last quarter?

Our analytics downloads now contain new fields to improve the depth of our exportable data.

We added Projected Revenue and updated the invoice settings.

Emails generated through our system now display more information with a cleaner look.

We’ve updated our privacy policy and partnership agreements to strengthen data protection.

And a bonus, we’ve also begun a new series highlighting creative ways to use your Cobot account.

Coming up next quarter we’ve got a pretty major improvement that I can’t wait to share in the next video. Until then, happy coworking!

So there you have it, that’s what everyone’s been cooking for the third quarter.

We can’t wait to see what everyone builds in quarter four, and we’ll be back at the end of the year with the final update for 2020.

Take care, stay safe and be good.

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