Q2 2020 ProptechUpdate video

Hey I’m Hector (corona-hair) Kolonas, and welcome to the second quarter #ProptechUpdate.

Whilst I try figure out what to do with this hair, let’s see what everyone else has been up to this quarter.

Hey, it’s Alex here from Coherent.


In the last 3 months, the biggest feature we released is the ability to set minimum contract lengths, which means that you can make sure that members aren’t able to switch tariff or unsubscribe until you want them to. Which is obviously handy for people on longer-term tenancies.


We’ve overhauled a lot of pages within the app with accessibility and navigation in mind.

And over the next couple of months we’re going to be focussing quite heavily on our CRM system which should have some big updates coming soon.

The industry of coworking and flexible work has experienced a tremendous transformation.


From releasing NexClicker, an app to monitor the capacity of your space, to our integrations with Zoom and Jitsi together with several updates to all our apps to allow for contact-less experience through-out the workspace.


The future is very promising for the industry and we are about to launch new updates for the members portal to provide a more visual approach when booking desks and meeting rooms, a new ePOS app to help running cafes and honesty bars and an amazing data visualisation module to help you easily understand your metrics.


Stay tuned!

Hi there! Eric here from MorningStar Software.


I’m excited to announce that after much hard work, we’re releasing Workspace Geek, our new coworking management software.


In addition, we’re releasing the Kiosk, which is an app that handles the deliveries and arrivals for your space.


Stay tuned for this upcoming quarter as we release new integrations including QuickBooks, ezeep and more. Thanks.

Hi there, this is Mauro from Proova. A complete software solution dedicated to small-sized coworking space.


We are a startup and we are pivoting from day one. In the last quarter, we were testing the user’s interface and the usability features but soon we need to stop developing cause of the lockdown. 


In the next quarter, we can provide you with the main features and soon you will see a platform for community engagement based on gamification and recognition between users.

Hey, this is Mike from OfficeRND, bringing you our Q2 update. We’re pumped to announce that we have now released our brand new members portal on the web!



With our member portal update your members will have a beautiful dashboard and portal experience that gives them insight into the most important features of the space like invoices, tickets, and bookings. The booking calendar has also been greatly enhanced and it is now easier than ever before to reserve rooms and other resources at your space.



In Q3, we are working on a front desk visitor app to check guests in as well as continued improvements to our mobile and member portals so your members have the absolute best experience possible at your space.



Thanks for watching!

Hey everybody, it’s me again.



And although I haven’t got this sorted, I just wanted to give you 3 updates from included.co on what we’ve been working on over the last quarter.



Firstly, we updated the dashboard – making it more beautiful and even more useful for workspace operators.



Then, we also upgraded Premium – making it more affordable for more spaces all around the world.



And lastly, we integrated with Syncaroo – making it very easy to update lockdown statuses from inside your own management portal without having to log into included.co at all.



Thank you!

Thanks Hector, this is Nic from Rialto.



A couple of updates on our platform, we’ve been very busy launching a new side of our getrialto.com platform supporting teams to acquire new space.



As operators in the flex space, while it has been a challenge to get new requirements in from the market looking for flex space over the last couple of months; the long term sustainability of our model has proven to be strong and demand will surely follow from next year on.


Therefore, winners in the space are those who work on acquisition.



With Rialto, we’ve developed a new pipeline functionality to support teams in acquiring new space.



So happy for any of you to trial this new platform. We’ve already rolled it out with a couple of brokers as well as operators over the last couple of weeks. Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi everyone, it’s Nicole Vasquez, Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer of Deskpass.



We’re excited to say we’ve officially reopened and have launched our new Safety Program which allows all of our partner spaces to easily convey the health and safety practices that they are taking to keep people safe while on-site and it allows our Deskpass members to easily find Safe Spaces and to know what is required of them once they arrive and are coworking on-site.



We are excited to say that since then a lot of members have been booking across all of our cities and we know that people are eager to get back to work.



Wishing everyone a safe return to the workplace. Thanks!

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing fine and I hope you’re safe.



Here is Nynke from Seats2Meet in the Netherlands. I’d like to update you about what we’re doing. 


We’ve worked on hybrid meetings, facilitating meetings where people can come together physically, but also in a mix of meeting online. So we offer smart tools to make it happen that people can come as a small group together physically and have the rest of the group join online.



Besides that we also working on trainings, and optimizations of our back-end systems for location management.



Ok! See you soon! Bye!

Hi! This is Robert Kropp from Syncaroo.



In the second quarter we released our first public version of our workspace syncing technology to operators using a variety of awesome platforms like CobotOfficeRnDNexudus and Upflex.



Next quarter you can expect to see even more integrations, along with the syncing of more workspaces, availability, and other data that will be absolutely critical for people to find the perfect workspace providers.



Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your quarter.

Hey there! My name is Sam from Cobot, and this is our Q2 Proptech Update.



We worked overtime to get features out to spaces quickly during the pandemic, including our synced open status, time pass extensions, book plan changes as well as additional analytics features.



We also launched our new support packages. These are personalized tailored sessions you can book as either an existing space or as a prospective space. Each session is led by one of our senior support specialists who can onboard your team into Cobot, set you up to get started or help you make the most out of your existing account.



Thanks for tuning in and we’re already looking forward to sharing everything we have in store for Q3. Happy coworking!

Hi there, this is Martin from Zapfloor, bringing you our Q2 #proptechupdate.



So for Q2 we are proud to announce the release of our mobile app for android and IOS. We’ve also created an Iframe for our meeting room booker that you can integrate into your own website.



Finally, with the new reality of living with Covid 19, we further improved our hotdesking tool, enabling the booking of desks in private offices & having more advanced reporting functionalities as well.



For Q3 we plan to release the white label version of our mobile app, integrate single sign on solutions and further develop our advanced role system for different types of users.



From every one here at Zapfloor, I wish you a great day and we look forward to the next update already! Bye bye!

So there you have it. 


Another quarter, another #proptechupdate. 


Thank you to everybody that took part and we look forward to seeing what you build in the next quarter.



Take care!

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