Q1 2020 ProptechUpdate video

Hey everybody. 


I’m Hector Kolonas from included.co and welcome to the very first #ProptechUpdate for 2020.


This quarter we’re gonna hear from all around the world, but also from inside people’s houses about how they’re working behind the scenes to keep the software that runs our industry not only maintained, but also supported throughout this crisis.


Let’s see what they have to say.

In these uncertain times here at Nexudus, we are working as hard as ever. We’ve seen a remarkable increase in the use of our online community tools to help virtualize interactions.


To this end, we have now connected your calendar integrated ticketing system to the video conference system Zoom. You can let members RSVP or buy tickets for each of your events and we will automatically send a unique link to each attendee to join virtually.


Members can connect their own Zoom accounts so room booking emails include the link for all attendees to join remotely.


Stay tuned for more updates as we understand better how operators and communities navigate this new reality.

Hi, this is Robert with Syncaroo.com, where we keep all of your listings in-sync automagically.


This quarter, we worked on our proprietary data transformation algorithm, which takes in data from all of your favorite coworking management platforms and gets it ready to be synced with the best aggregators, booking apps and more.


In this next quarter we’ll be announcing our launch partners, partner integrations and even more. And hopefully soon we’ll be able to leave our apartments and meet each other face to face.

Hey there. 


My name is Sam. I’m the senior communications specialist with Cobot, checking in from my home office here in Berlin and I’m excited to share our 2020 Q1 PropTechUpdate.


Security is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’ve been able to improve single-sign-on page with support for OpenAuth and connect and added two new access control integrations, SaltoKS and Dormakaba Exivo. 


We’ve added more admin tools to make managing resources easier, including improved bulk connect tools.


Right now we’re working on features to help our spaces dealing with the impact of the Corona virus. We plan on rolling out these new features soon as well as new member tools and resources.


So stay tuned. Thanks so much.

Hey, this is Mike from OfficeRND, bringing you our Q1 update. We’re thrilled to announce that we released our new Mobile member app for Android and iOS.


With the app, your members can easily book meeting rooms, view upcoming events, check the member directory, read your how-to guides and much more. We believe this app will greatly enhance the way your members interact with your space and we can’t wait for you to check it out.


In Q2, we’ll continue work on our member-facing apps, work on building up better sales tools for your team, and update our reporting modules.


On behalf of the OfficeRND team, stay healthy and thanks for watching!

Hey it’s Josh from Proximity.


Over the last few months, we spent a lot of time working on your requests. Things like multi-space management and inventory control, our single biggest request ever.. recurring reservations is now live in our platform and we have vastly improved security for your space.


Over the next few months we’re gonna be doing more of the same. Things like more control for managers and a much better Android app experience. We’re gonna be improving our multi-space support and we are gonna be working on things to make our software more intuitive and easier to use.


I think you’re gonna be really excited about what we have coming up over the next few months.

Hi Eric here from Morningstar Software.


I’m excited to announce that later this month, we’ll be releasing our new shared workspace management platform Workspace Geek.


It’s new and improved. It’s got a great UI. It’s easy-to-use and it can suit all of your needs.


In the next quarter we plan to release an event calendar system, a QuickBooks integration, and a new kiosk app for check-ins.


Thanks and see you then.

Hi welcome to another ProptechUpdate from HAPLO.


This quarter, We added features to enhance the operations of your space and also monitor the efficiencies to your revenue and display full usage. Hope it helps!


Can’t wait for Q2. Have a good one.

Hey it’s Nynke from Seats2Meet, I hope everybody is healthy doing these crazy times all over the world.


We launched the hashtag #stayconnected and we’re working on many projects to help people stay connected even if they are working from home or from everywhere in the world.


We’re also working this period on optimizing the passport to make it even more accessible for everybody on any device in every place in the world.

Hi, it’s Bradd with Isofy.


We’re here to make networking easy in your coworking space and last quarter we had a fantastic quarter. 


We added support from Meraki Network equipment and we launched a feature called Registration codes, which makes it easy for you to add large groups of members to the network without having to manually enter in all their information.


Next quarter, we’re launching an exciting feature that’s completely revolutionary to the industry. It will allow your members and groups to choose enhanced security features like 802.1X without affecting other groups in the space.


We’ll see you next quarter.

So there you have it.


As the world works from home to help flatten the curve, your favorite software teams have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that you have all the tools that you need to manage your communities, amenities and value-adds.


Till the next quarter, stay healthy, stay safe and stay home.

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