Mental health programs to strengthen value of coworking spaces.

More than half of Americans report that COVID-19 is harming their mental health.


In last week’s Coworking ConvoLaura Shook Guzman (who is a trauma therapist, workspace wellness consultant, founder of Soma Vida and co-founder of WomenWhoCowork) shared her insights around the importance of preparing mental health and workspace wellness programs. 


Laura shared that communities that prepare strong wellness cultures can better position themselves as valuable options for companies and individuals escaping from prolonged and unexpected work-from-home stints. These communities are also far better equipped to support the mental health and well-being of their own operating teams.


Whilst the idea of creating a wellness culture or strategy may sound daunting, the potential returns and long-term sustainability for communities who implemented them is sky high.


So when we heard that Laura would be offering affordable 3-month packages to help flex workspaces implement and measure wellness strategies, we knew it’d be useful for some of our partner communities. 


So we asked and Laura didn’t hesitate – jumping in to give all included community operators (and members of participating coworking alliances) a lovely discount on her already-affordable 3 month package.

Thanks for sharing Laura! We hope this helps add another level of community-support and market differentiation 

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