Not every shared hub is a coworking space.

When we set out to level the playing field for growing businesses around the world, we knew we wanted to build upon the awesome serendipity and community values found in shared workspaces.

Across the globe new spaces, exciting concepts, interesting conferences and traditional workspace businesses are all coming together to create something magical. Something dynamic. Something with a life of its own!

This means that it’s no longer efficient (or even correct) to throw all of these different multi-company hubs into the ‘coworking’ category. Especially as coworking has a very special meaning to the members of the coworking movement, and rightfully so.

Confusing right? Yea we know! We have a solution, bear with us.


A few months ago we shared how we quickly and clearly distinguish the differences between shared, coworking and incubator spaces within our growing international network.

But we’ve also felt that referring to the awesome hubs we work with as ‘partner spaces’ or ‘shared spaces’ focussed too much on the physical location and ignored what really truly matters, the business communities growing from within them.

Thus we needed to find a term that would better portray the always-growing connectivity and buying power we bring to each and every member, without ignoring the existing value created by and within each community.

So we turned to the dictionary.
But we only got to ‘C’. Well… ‘Coll’ to be exact.




  1. done by people acting as a group


  1. a cooperative enteprise

And so moving forward, we will lovingly and respectfully refer to all shared workspaces as ‘collectives’, with those who’ve joined our mission to give more power to their passionate members earning the title of officially ‘included collectives‘.

included collective

/ɪnˈkluːdɪd/ /kəˈlɛktɪv/


  1. a hub which allows amazing people to come together to grow businesses and has joined to save them time and money every single day

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