Basic differences between shared, coworking and incubator spaces.

We work with so many fantastic hubs that provide affordable and flexible desk and office space to passionate people.

With new spaces opening every day, many teams around the world have continuously asked us about the basic differences between shared, coworking and incubator spaces, especially when their own core business is not in the office or workspace sector.

As it’s our job, and joy, to make things faster and more efficient for decision-makers, we’re openly sharing our internal terminology guide.

 Shared SpaceCoworking SpaceIncubator Space
Offer Flexible Deskspace
Can offer included Perks
Community Manager
Mentorship Programme

Shared Spaces are usually opened when one company has extra desk space in their office. These spaces are usually provided as is, with any serendipity and networking left totally up to the members. Most times, companies or consultants in complementary fields find these spaces beneficial as they can team up for collaborations.

Coworking Spaces are usually launched by an organisation or team that is dedicated to the running and coordinating of the space and assisting their internal community. Emphasis in these spaces are on the internal community, and normally a range of events are planned to boost networking, learning and collaboration between different teams.

Incubator Spaces are usually where the community managers take another step in coordinate an array of mentorship events for their members. These are usually ad-hoc sessions, not setup in the format of a follow-able and repeatable programme.

Bonus: Accelerator Spaces are usually open to portfolio companies of specific investors/funds or accelerator programmes. These spaces are typically designed to facilitate a calendar of programmes and events for their cohorts. These spaces are normally time-restricted, so companies are focussed on getting as much work done as possible during the limited time they’re able to be there.

If you’re still unsure about which space is right for your business or team (or you just don’t want to waste any more time searching) simply complete this form and one of our ambassadors will do the running around for you, for free.

If there’s something you’d like to add, remove, suggest or complain about this guide, please feel free to tweet us @includedco. We’re always excited to hear from others who are also passionate about flexible and sharing workspaces.

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