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Last month I attended my first ever GCUC (pronounced ‘Juicy’ and stands for Global Coworking Unconference Conference), in Manhattan, NY.

Content-wise it was pretty different from the other coworking/startup conferences I’ve been to before, and I like the way it was setup as ‘tables vs rows’; but the people, ie the other attendees are what took the cake for me.

I was blown away by the friendliness of the ‘coworking people’, and their dedication to building communities that are important to them, their local ecosystems and the members they care about.

As is becoming tradition, instead of going on-and-on about what I thought of every little thing, we decided to instead crowd-source a summary of the most important lessons/takeaways people had learned at the conference.

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If you attended, and haven’t contributed to the summary yet, you can do so below for a few more weeks.

Lessons Learned at GCUC USA 2018

Everyone in coworking is the smartest person in the room about coworking because right now we are all subject matter experts. So don't compete - listen!

@fibercove Felicity MaxwellRun/manage a coworking community
at fibercove

The Industry is maturing with the advent of capital investment

@gcucgb Justin HarleySupport coworking communities

That the coworking community cares about members and the wider community. Spaces like Beahive in Beacon New York, 312 Main in Vancouver Canada, and the NGO All Good Work work for the benefit of the wider community. Made for a great reception of Shareable's new book on Sharing Cities, sharingcities.net.

@gorenflo Neal Gorenflopublish about coworking
at Shareable.net

There's room for everyone in coworking. The workspace industry is a barbell industry: one one side you have big money real estate players and on the other you have small, community-focused coworking spaces. And that's ok. Think of it like the coffee industry: Some people want Folgers and Maxwell House, and some people want locally-roasted craft coffee.

@catjohnson Cat JohnsonSupport coworking communities
at catjohnson.co

The best part of GCUC is meeting people I've only known online in person!

@coherellc AngelRun/manage a coworking community
at Cohere

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@joshrencher Josh RencherRun/manage a coworking community
at Ironfire in Long Beach, CA

Did you attend GCUC USA 2018? Got something to add?

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