Our global Coworking Perks infrastructure update (May 2019)

May has been a tremendous month of development behind the scenes.

In this update, we run through some of the biggest changes from last month that may affect some of the very talented devs working at the world’s best coworking and proptech platforms.

  • invisibleAPI /v1/

    /v0/ of the invisibleAPI went live on August 27th 2018, and we’ve loved working with you all on what you’d like to see next. Some of the coming changes require making a parameter mandatory, we’ve upped the version number to give some time to live integrations to update as we begin testing the new endpoints on /v1/.

    • Breaking Change: ‘Community’ parameter now mandatory for all API calls.
    • Hyperlocal Perks will be included in returned results.
    • (beta) /claim/ endpoint for seamless unlocking of deals without redirects.
    • (beta) /register/ endpoint to automatically register a community into the included network.
    • API Documentation will be updated prior to /v1/ release, to get access earlier, please ping your included ambassador.

  • Hyperlocal Perks

    The beta of hyperlocal perks was launched in May, bringing coworking spaces’ exclusive neighbourhood perks right into their powerful coworking perks programme.

    • A number of spaces worldwide have already opted in and are adding their own Hyperlocal Perks in Greece, the UK, the US and Germany.
    • Hyperlocal Perks are exclusive to the spaces managed by that company.
    • They’re now indexed and viewable in our embeddable widgets and includedat portals, and given a green ‘LOCAL’ flag.
    • They’re indexed but NOT returned via the /v0/ version of the API. (See /v1/ API notes).
    • Hyperlocal Perks in the API will also return a new ‘is_hyperlocal‘ value via API so that they can be styled differently in member portals

  • Space Perks

    As we extend our Coworking Alliance support programme, we’re also increasing the savings and perks we offer to workspace operators.

    • A new Operator Perks widget is now being tested in the wild.
    • This is initially being implemented with coworking alliances, so if you’d like to list a perk on your own software solution please ping your included contact to arrange. We ❤️ promoting integrated solutions.
    • This widget will also soon be available to platform developers in the coworking sector, allowing you to offer operational discounts directly to your customers.
    • We’re working on a mechanism to prevent perks from competitors showing within these widgets, let us know if you’d like to beta this.

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