Adding member benefits to your coworking portal or website is now even easier.

Introducing the included Integrations Portal & New Embeddable Widgets

Since launching our API in July 2018, I’ve had the joy and honour of working alongside some of the most talented and inspiring developers across our sector.

Together, we’ve collectively built the infrastructure to enable coworking spaces to quickly provide business-boosting benefits to a further 150,000 coworkers worldwide through easy-to-use integrations.

From today we’re making it even easier to setup these integrations via our website along with offering 1-on-1 support to get you setup pronto.

We’re also making our embeddable widgets available to all coworking communities. By copy-pasting just 2 lines of code you can add a powerful (and whitelabelled) perks programme right into your own website.

For those of you running WordPress and uncomfortable the idea of doing anything programming related, our new plugin will soon make adding a member-only perks programme to your site even easier.

If your community is already included, check out your brand new Welcome Center for more info.

And if you’re not leveraging included perks yet, check out more information on how (and why) we believe in enabling coworking communities here.

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