Regaining 96 hours for coworking space operators

The best coworking and shared workspaces have vibrant communities of passionate businesses growing from within their walls.

But it isn’t just the media that’s noticed the surge in popularity of spaces though. Sales and partnership teams at almost every B2B business (who haven’t been living under a rock) have noticed these bubbling congregations of decision-makers too.

This increasingly leads to workspace operators and community coordinators being overrun with non-stop calls, emails and meeting requests from business who see these communities as literal gold-mines.

The situation quickly becomes a double-edged sword for workspace operators. The flattery of the attention and the perks value are quickly overshadowed by just how resource intense securing great deals, whilst sheltering members from spam, actually is.

“But surely perks are not THAT resource intensive.”

Let’s take a second to make a quick example assuming that ONLY ONE company contacts your workspace team per week about a special offer for your members.

This means that somebody on your team would still need to burn around 2 work hours over the next week to either respond to their email, have a phone call, arrange a meeting and then handle the request. And that’s before you’ve even notified your members about it.

At just 8 hours a month, this means you’re burning at least €905.28* of work time per year for every 48 perks or deals.

The amount of burned time and capital skyrockets when you factor in things like failed deals, multiple requests and the fact that suppliers sourced may not match the needs of each specific workspace.

But all is not lost! We’re here to help.

This is exactly where steps in to handle both these inbound requests, as well as outbound requests from members, to make sure only the best deals make their way back to our partner spaces. All without wasting a single minute for shared workspace managers and operators.

To make our offer even sweeter, we setup recurring revenue share deals with each vendor, splitting our take with the shared workspace who’s members are saving money through our platform. So not only do we save workspace teams money, we pump revenue back in, making shared spaces even more sustainable!

Partner spaces can contact us via on-site chat to enable inbound handling for free. If you operate a shared workspace that can better use those 96 extra hours, you can join the included network here.

Know a community manager who could better use 96 hours a year? Invite them to join included for free.

*Assuming you only pay yourselves or your community team the European average hourly rate of €9.43 p/hour. But we all know you pay them much much more. Right?

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