Celebrating 5 years of supporting coworking, freelancer & other multi-business communities.

On the 1st of October 2014, the included.co platform launched with a mission to sustainably enable entrepreneurship in as many local neighbourhoods as possible. 

At launch there were a handful of forward-thinking coworking spaces who signed up to help us test out the hypothesis of a shared perks program. A program, and platform, that could leverage the aggregated buying-power and network size of their combined membership count in order to unlock unprecedented savings and opportunities for their members.

Over the 1,825 days that followed (yea, we did the maths) we humbly welcomed 100s and 100s of other community leaders from around the world, who stepped up and contributed to the whole network’s cumulative buying-power and reach.

Whilst our staff-count has remained tiny, the ever-growing number of ambassadors, partners, platforms, vendors and community operators who continue to honour us with their support have enabled us to achieve some breathtaking achievements on a global scale.

Here’s just a few highlights of some of the achievements you all have enabled us to do:

The largest Coworking Perks platform on the globe.
We are officially the world’s largest coworking perks program, shared by 500+ coworking communities around the world.

We introduced Hyperlocal Perks to support local favourite spots.
By extending our platform to putting even more power into the hands of community operators, they can now support their local favourite favourite local eateries, drinkeries and cookie-eries. This deeply connects the communities we support within their local ecosystems.

Enabling Freelancer Communities too.
We are also connecting a growing number of local, regional and sometimes continent-wide, freelancer communities to both perks and our coworking partners.

Easy integrations with top member or tenant portal platforms.
We’re continuously streamlining, assisting and deploying development resources into implementing seamless integrations to improve business perk experiences. By reducing the number of platforms members need to ‘remember’ or ‘check out’, we can focus on perk discovery and distribution whilst providing a superior on-brand experience for our partner communities.

Deploying resources into non-profit or community-focussed projects.
From coworking.jobs, to the Coworking Library, to Women Who Cowork, to the Coalescent Podcast Network, and the European Coworking Assembly; we’re delighted to be able to support important projects that create value across the coworking and entrepreneurial sectors.

Helping communities break taboos, without breaking the bank.
Whether it’s helping communities make tampons and pads as available in their physical spaces as WiFI and coffee are, or exploring how to further break the silence around mental health issues facing startup teams and freelancers (follow @includedco for more on this soon) we acknowledge that we are uniquely positioned to assist community operators in improving the lives of their members in some very important ways. And we take this responsibility very seriously.

We can’t wait to see the global impact we will all make together, by sustainably enabling local entrepreneurship in the next 5 years.

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Hector Kolonas

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